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Aviation lends itself to reach for higher plains, harmony and beauty. At age 16 I was given a little box camera. As a fighter pilot I learned to broaden my field of view and attention to detail. As a corporate pilot I was afforded travels to many lands and continents. It was natural to pack my camera gear and look for the perfect “shot”, be it looking for the ideal waterfall, the most vivid sunsets, or the abstract way of looking at the Eiffel tower. Sceneries are my first love, yet, people too, tell a big story in just a fraction of a second.
For years I have favored the Canon SLR as my first weapon of choice. It is natural for me to want to be at the forefront of technology. Thus going into digital work was easy and welcomed.
My hobby is now graduating into a full time profession, I now have ventured into commercial photography. “Wandering Win” a photographer friend of mine has called me. So you’ll see me on top of mountains, below cascading waterfalls, on the sea or where ever I find the need to preserve the beauty of a fleeting moment so others can enjoy what I had the luxury to observe. (EOS 10S, EOS A2E, EOS 3,) EOS 10D, EOS 1D MARK II
EF 16-35 2.8, EF 28-70 2.8, EF 70-200 2.8, EF180mm f/3.5 Macro, EF180mm 1.8.

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  • Dieter Bender 17/01/2021 18:24

    Hello Winfried, why Winfried a german name.
    I`m not sur should i write german or english. 

    Do your self a favor, your pictures are too small.
    All of your pic. are nice give them what they need.
    why not ?

    LG DB
  • Ernst Laule 09/12/2020 15:33

    Hallo Winfried, vielen Dank für Dein Lob und Deinen Besuch auf meiner Seite.
    VG Ernst
  • Albert Rudolf 07/12/2020 16:37

    Hi Winfried,
    Thank you for your numerous likes!
    Cordially, Albert
  • Thomas. Kistler 26/02/2007 13:02

    Hi Winfried,

    Opps, sorry, i guess t've mixed you up with somebody else. Anyway, your welcome for the comment. You've got beautiful pictures of this gorgeous place on the world(the United States of America) :-)

    Best regards!

  • Norma Buchanan 05/06/2006 0:43

    no, winfried, did not climb that tower, it was hot and i was alone, travelling and in a hurry, lol
    but i always like geometric i stopped for a quickie. tztztz
    have a nice week,
  • Norma Buchanan 21/05/2006 14:17

    glad you like my 'Peace'
    have a beautiful Sunday
  • Norma Buchanan 20/05/2006 21:08

    Thank you, Winfried, you have been on my 'buddylist' for a while already,
    take care, summer finally has arrived, had to close up and turn on the AC.
    too bad
    see you around
  • Norma Buchanan 12/05/2006 14:10

    It's a pleasure to have you among us. I stumbled unto you when admiring your Hummingbirds. Super shot.
    Each spring, I look forward to these little warriors to flutter about my feeders.
    greetings from sunny Georgia,
  • NICO FIERMONTE 01/05/2006 12:16

    complimenti per i tuoi lavori
  • Andi K.... 23/01/2006 10:41

    Hallo Winfried,
    viele Grüße von einem "Jungspund" der Sheppard AFB Klasse 89-05.
    Wenn ihr nie eine Kamera mitnehmen durftet, wie sind dann die Aufnahmen mit den T-38 entstanden *grins*? Das Mitführen einer Kamera war bei uns auch verboten...:-).
    Wie Du siehst, es hat sich nichts verändert.
    Weiterhin viel Spaß in der FC und man liest voneinander.

    Viele Grüße aus Bayern,
  • Tina J. 07/12/2005 19:15

    Hallo Win,
    vielenDank für Deine überaus schmeichelnde Anmerkung zu meinen Augen in Verbindung mit der Schneeschmelze...*lächel*

    Liebe Grüße
  • Natalie Loos 07/12/2005 7:27


    nice Foto of St. Michaels Mount. Been there in 2003.

  • Maren Arndt 09/11/2005 15:14

    *lach* Hallo Winfried, nun sag nicht, Du kennst die Wüstchenbude ;-)

    Die haben ganz schön um Kunden zu werben heutzutage bei all den Dönerbuden hier.
    Herzliche Grüße aus Bremen

  • Ju25 17/07/2005 15:04

    Hallihallo.. sind wir verwandt? ;-)
  • Sabrina Drees 12/05/2005 12:09

    Danke für deine sehr nette Anmerkung auf eins meiner Bilder............

    Puerto Morelos (Mexico)
    Puerto Morelos (Mexico)
    Sabrina Drees

    Greets from Germany Sabrina
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