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About me

After a break o I find time again to do photography privately

I've seen it all, but I haven't experienced it all...

To my comments:
- when i look at pictures i am not a photographer but an observer,
- when I take pictures I am a photographer and not an observer.


Pictures don't have to be beautiful just shall clap you in mind ...
don't show your expensive equipment,
show me good pictures,
don't tell me who makes black and white can't take color picture,
let me what you plant in my head with your pictures...
show me your photo point of view and move aside for me to make it worse or better,
so that we both become better,
show me sharpness and blurriness,
sweat for your picture... because pictures have to hurt so that they fascinate other people...
and spare me the Photoshop tricks,
take your camera and go on a journey...
and if you only make one good picture in your life that is enough!


Self-proclaimed photo gods with no willingness to deal with criticism are not automatically fed good comments by me.


he who asks gets an answer!

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