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Musician/writer?Artist. One foot on a banana skin one in the grave music turned me into a slave, Now that's no way for you to behave, throughout my life I had many a close shave. Still, some people try to sell CDs of my songs around the world. (I couldn't get rid of them for 30 bob now I see collectors buy 'em £250) Saw a Man ray exhibition once and photography has been in the family a while. Now they're all dead perhaps I can keep the tradition going. Love all forms of art, figure drawing/painting etc., and discovered that use of a camera fits in perfectly with some of my talents. Also note that some of the photographers on this site are well ahead of me and very innovative. We're all here to learn.

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  • Rowina 16/04/2009 16:46

    danke :] werde ich ausrichten!
    grüß du meine oma ganz lieb von mir :]
  • Rod Harrison 13/04/2009 1:19

    Polperro was painted by a friend of mine (Inge) while taking a break and doing some research into a story
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