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- vintage junkie & surf (rock) addict -

been continued at: Fitz Ramses II
as well ass: Fitz Ramses III
back for good Fitz Ramses 04
and brand new Fitz Ramses 05

top 5 records of the day

john frusciante - the dc ep
black sabbath - technical ecstasy
dinosaur jr. - green mind
the accüsed - martha splatterheads maddest stories ever told
diamond head - lightning to the nations
dos - uno con dos


technique-talk is boring

for more madness - surf the english channel or vice versa the german one

comments welcome - have fun

if you have any interesting punk/hc records for sale or trade...please contact me
(preferably US + canadian, period ~78->88)

same goes for surf-rock

muchas thanks


Slayer / Tom
Slayer / Tom
Mario Vojvoda

reloaded, weil ichs einfach mag...
reloaded, weil ichs einfach mag...

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