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[Go to where the silence is and say something]

[Do one thing everyday that scares you]

[Don’t waste your time on jealousy;
sometimes you’re ahead,
sometimes you’re behind
the race is long, and in the end,
it’s only with yourself.]

[Remember the compliments you receive, forget the insults; if you succeed in doing this, tell me how]


[Feel free to ignore me]

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  • Mario Nimke 01/11/2006 10:27

    for 9 months I wasn't here, unfortunately I've nothing passed.... :-(

  • Heribert Stahl 26/03/2006 13:40

    ist der Account verwaist???

  • Core KW 20/02/2006 11:08

    Best Regards
  • Robert L. Roux 17/09/2005 18:54

    Hola Amigo
    You see things in a special way - your photos and Profile info say it all.
    Nicely done.
    Your friend to the far west - Robert
  • xxx xxx 20/08/2005 21:40

    Remember what the goldfish said: "There must be a God. Who changes the water?"

    Eddie Contrelle, you're brilliant.

  • Costantinos Milonas 19/08/2005 22:48

    Hi Eddie,
    I think you have excellent style in your pics.
    You must see this if you don't know it already.
  • Razvan I. 11/07/2005 1:04

    So, you like BAZ!? I do too.
    Great work. I like your style...
  • FM van Z. 25/06/2005 11:11

    Pure eye candy, great style.
  • Na- Da 18/02/2005 9:35

    hy ed. you've got the right picturemaker eye.
    Thanks for your comment. greez nada
  • Simon Red 20/01/2005 12:23

    Hi Ed
    The man has style!!

    Thanks for the comment on my "Tri" photo.

    Simon Red.
  • Catherine Hart 18/01/2005 12:16

    Dear Ed,

    You say

    Have pity on me! I am a beginner and am still finding out lots of things. I don't even know what the maximum upload size is. Maybe you could tell me? Catherine.
  • Catherine Hart 17/01/2005 9:54

    Dear Ed,

    I think I have made the parasol photo larger in accordance with your suggestion. Thank you.

    Have been looking at your photos - what a wonderful collection! Congratulations! And the way they are all framed in the same way makes them even more beautiful.

    Best wishes, Catherine.
  • PacO MartiN 15/12/2004 7:48

    Thanks for comment. I have seen your work. I think that it is very interesting. Over all your composition ot the space, and the colours. Great work.
    Kinds regards from Madrid
  • Nicolaj Munzer 11/12/2004 17:04

    I like the format of your photos and changed also some of mines to "square".

    Nicolaj Munzer
  • Jutta BPoint 08/11/2004 19:55

    Hy Eddie!!
    thx 4 ur comment to my wrinkled lion....:-)
    i watched out ur pics and ur thoughts..they're great...but what happened 2u??? is there only left an eye :-))))??
    lots of love
    from vienna ju
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