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Excuse me: I write in English. My knowledge of the German language is horrible. I can understand it very well, but I do not dare to write or speak it, as I am sure I will make many grammattical errors.
In daily life I am a professional visual artist (lyrical abstract acrylic paintings) and illustrator in the Netherlands. Beside painting and drawing I also use photography to express my feelings. My photographic work is in general less artistic than my other work.
I am a Nikon addict; almost 30 years I am using Nikon products. After the Nikkormat, the FM and the F-3 I am using the analogue F-100 and the digital Coolpix 5700. In 2006 also the D70s arrived. And in 2008 the D300 came.
My favorite subjects are animals (especially reptiles and amphibians -and our cat ) and landscapes. The Scottissh Highlands are my favorite spot. On the other hand I do some aircraft-photography. I prefer antique aircraft (i.e. until 1960).
My lenses (all Nikkors) vary from 24 - 400 mm (analogue).
My paintings are exhibited mostly in Holland, and sometimes in Belgium, Germany and Britain.
More information about my paintings and drawings can be obtained at or .

Comments 38

  • Ursula Kleefeld 24/05/2015 9:13

    Hallo Bart !
    Ich finde deine Fotos TOLL !
    Meine Liebe gilt auch der Natur , den Tieren. Wie bei deinen Bildern auch , was ja sehr viel Spaß macht .
    L.G. Ursula
  • John Willems 20/12/2009 18:18

    Together to The Light.
    A Merry Christmas to everyone.
  • Katrin-Maria 15/05/2008 9:08

    Guten Morgen,
    wie ich sehe, fotografierst du auch Libellen.
    Da habe ich vielleicht einen interessanten Tipp für dich.
    Lies einfach mal meine "Profil-Infos", speziell die Passage: Achtung, Libellen-Fotowettbewerb, nach.

    Viele Grüße aus Mainz,
  • DUNie 23/12/2007 0:08

    Hallo Bart,
    "almbauer"...graag gedaan.
    Auch für Dich und Deine Familie:
    prettige kerstdagen! en een gelukkig nieuwjaar!!
    Liebe Grüße
  • Krishan Kk 01/09/2007 11:04

    im krishan gupta, I like your all photos so much you are really good...... artist and have a small gallery in udaipur, india. Some of my works include oil paintings on canvas and water colours paintings( realistic and contemporary) . I hope we can be friends .....krishan..
  • FERNANDO ESTRADA 04/07/2007 20:59

    Hi Bart: I really enjoyed your paintings. Mostly your lastest painting. Does it have a name yet? Thanks for sharing your art work. Regards from México.
  • kopfwelt 16/03/2007 7:57

    du hast eine schöne sicht- und ausdrucksweise...

    ( du kannst auch holländisch schreiben, ich hab meinen eigenen übersetzer...carmen meine frau:-))))

    die sun dui´s...
  • Nadia Favie 17/11/2006 22:42

    Hoi Bart!
    Jep, ik woon sinds mei dit jaar in het prachtige Sassenheim en studeer sinds september in Amsterdam (tot juni).
    Mozes staat er nog weer mooi op!
    Hoe gaat het met schilderen e.d.?
    groetjes en dankje voor je berichtje
  • Robert L. Roux 17/04/2006 8:16

    happy easter bart -
    from a friend in canada - rand a newer smile from autumn, '06 ;-))
    salut - robert
  • Ulrich Geimer 31/03/2006 23:49

    Hoi Bart,

    ja, dank je wel voor het kompliment. Ben nog maar pas bij de FC zoals je ziet. Als ik tijd heb zal ik ook jouw fotos eens allemaal bekijken. Er is dagelijks veel te zien.
    Groetjes, Ulrich
  • Sunshine in SF 13/01/2006 17:35

    Dear Bart,
    thank you for your comment to
    Sunshine in SF

  • Robert L. Roux 11/11/2005 22:55

    Thanks Buddy
    The super translation has been added and I owe you one - if ever you need something translated to - or from - the Canadian language, I'll be keeping an eye on the midnight choir and will remain at your service :-))
    Warmest regards from Canada's coldest place
    ( but only sometimes ... ! )
  • Iris Albrecht 12/10/2005 22:43

    Hello Bart,

    There are a lot of amazing pictures on your page. Many animal photos are very exceptional, especially the shots of Mozes are rather different frome general cat photos.
    ( By the first impression I also like your paintings.)
    I hope you understand my funny English.

    Greetings Iris

  • Nadia Favie 17/09/2005 17:38

    Hi Bart! dankje voor je opmerking...en een nieuwe profielfoto! artiest en gitarist! prachtige combinatie.
    Ik kom met mn nieuwe opleiding maar weinig toe aan foto's maken, gelukkig hebk in november weer meer tijd!
    groetjss Nadia
  • Andrew Denissov 14/09/2005 12:53

    Hi Bart!
    I like your abstract acril pictures...
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