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Hello. I'm searching the essence of the world and finding what is inside. Trying to understand the relationships between them. We have many emotions, projected to our outer and influences as well that forming ourselves.

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  • laomao1956 13/05/2024 3:52

    very beautiful
  • Adele D. Oliver 05/10/2022 3:39

    thank you for your nic mail, Akos - just coming back from being away. Your gallery
    is fantastic - will follow your daily posts !!
    greetings from Vancouver,
  • Maurizio Moroni (UKPhoto) 21/03/2011 10:17

    marvelous atmospheres in your jobs! Compliments!!! Maurizio :)
  • Eva Milder 19/06/2010 22:33

    Üdvözlettel Eva.
    Eva Milder
  • Pozer Katalin 09/01/2009 17:52

    Akos, I am smitten with your gallery. These are more than digital editing. Its fine art. I am fascinated by your talent and grandiosity of your images. Every one has a message for us.
    A few minutes ago I just opened the site of fc and looked at your pic "Paths". The question of the life: stay or go. It took some minutes when I could tear myself away.
  • Maria João Arcanjo 29/12/2008 23:55

  • Maria João Arcanjo 17/12/2008 13:28

  • Kim Walker 11/11/2008 6:30

    Dark, deep, insightful...your imagery is powerful and masterful. Thanks for sharing your talents and vision.
  • Julia Kretsch 19/06/2008 13:52

    Akos, thank you very much for the kind words.
    I like the mystery in your photos, the quest for what's beyond reality. Excellent work!
    I'll keep my eyes on your gallery.
    Best regards.
  • Tamara Trejo 12/12/2006 0:01

    From you work, you seem like a kind sensitive artist, who sees and creates from the mystery of life.
  • Robert L. Roux 13/11/2006 5:40

    welcome akos
    your photos are excellent -
    and many thanks for visiting mine ...
  • When 04/11/2006 11:40

    Your HORIZON is very nice.
    Hello. A warm welcome to FC from colorful and interesting Seattle. Hope you enjoy yourself her. Make sure to join us in the forums for discussion and introduce yourself in the "Meet and Greet" section. Need any help figuring out how to get around just click on the ON/OFF button on my profile page and send me a Quick Message. Don't be afraid to jump in.
  • Dirk Hofmann 01/11/2006 15:05

    i also want to say: "welcome"

    hope you enjoy your stay and find some new friends around here pretty soon ... :-)

  • JVision 01/11/2006 6:15

    Hi Akos,

    Welcome the the fotocommunity.com

    The spirit of Fotocommunity is to share knowledge, inspiration and thoughts as a team. Everyone can participate and everyone will share his experiences.
    So I hope you will enjoy it and if you have further
    questions don't hesitate to contact anybody from the support team.

    Our info system is up right now but it is growing permanent:


    Kind regards
    (channelmanager digiart)
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