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Jaime Crystal Attenborough

a new contest for free members and new members.

Hi everybody well as you all know i won the slogan contest !
and i have allready got a year subscription and loving it , i dont really need it so i want to give it away to the most deserved person or member that really wants it.
I have come up with this :
i want you all the eother fotomail me or private message me or email me on dragonfly888@optusnet.com.au and i want the best quote, i will give away my three months free subscription for basic membership to the best quote.
maybee your own quote or just something you have seen and liked it alot.
please contact me, cause i want to give it to the most deserved person, as i think if i dont really need it i want to give it to somebody else, i would prefer a free member so they can see their way around this wonderful site or basiclly anybody that can send me the best quote.

well i hope to hear from you all soon
regards jaime
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Robert Lazar

Hy everyone

03.07.06, 15:53
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Cristina Dirnea

Ciao :)

17.06.06, 22:13
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