November 2015 Monthly Theme – Light Trails

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Ken Piros Ken Piros   Post 1 of 2
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The monthly theme of March 2015 is “Light Trails”.

We are looking for photos this month that incorporate light trials in the image.

Light trails require long exposures in low light or dark conditions. Capturing something that has a light source and moving. The result is a trail of light through your image.

Interesting Article on how to do light trails; ... -at-night/ ... ht-trails/

Preferably the image should be new to your portfolio but if not please join in with something from your past images. The key is to participate in the community and have some fun.

****No Nudes****
There are no prizes for the monthly theme just the fun and satisfaction of participating.

( Download the image to your FC account and post the link to the image in this thread ).

How to upload an image into the forum; ... ure-photo/

Public Transportation Public Transporta… Ken Piros 04.11.15 10

Photo Quote of the Month;

It’s a lesson well-learned as a photographer, and more so as a human: whatever it is, make it now. We won’t always have what we have now, these moments, these loved ones, this health, or these bank accounts. If there’s one thing certain it’s that life changes. Too fast at times, and too slow at others, but it changes. We have this time. That is all that is guaranteed. Don’t get complacent. Whatever it is: making photographs, making love, making a difference, making good – whatever it is, make it now. – David DuChemin
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s. sabine krause s. sabine krause Post 2 of 2
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finally a light trail! a leaving bus and some christmas decorations somewhere in suburbia. too late for the monthly theme, i'm afraid, but i'm adding them anyway:
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