tri-x 400 dynamic range

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I'm looking into shooting on film as I like the look and feel of it. So I bought a canon ae1 and a 50mm lens from ebay. Got a roll of tri-x400 film and just went out and shot the whole roll in one day. I dropped it off at a local foto store but was a bit disappointed when I got the developed and printed fotos back. Generally all shots are lacking contrast. Looking at it in photoshop the values are clipped at a dark grey and light grey. So no real whites and no real blacks. I used the zone system to expose my shots but accidentally got a few underexposed shots and even they are clipped at a dark grey.
I'd like to look into developing the film myself but just want to find out at which stage I made a mistake.
Am I exposing wrong? But even then whites and blacks shouldn't be clipped, right?
Did the photo store do something wrong? Looking at the negative, as far as I can tell the range looks quite all right, completely transparent and fully opaque.
Maybe the negatives got fogged?

Thanks for your help,
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