[Personal Blog] Inspired by a Kids 35mm Camera Photo Contest

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Several months ago, I took part in a kids camera challenge. The challenge consisted of locating a kids 35mm camera, take the entire roll of pictures, have the film developed within one week and submit these images to the judges. My images were overlooked by the judges. Since then I've wanted to try something differant.

Instead of using a kids Fujifilm waterproof camera, I've elected to try the Holga 120N Medium format plastic toy camera. Medium format is new to me and something I thought about getting into back in the 70's but never had the chance. My objective to test the modified Holga 120N camera along with my experimental polarizing filter. Finding out later, the 52mm lens ring fits over the existing Holga plastic lens. But over time, the filter mount kept falling off. I ended up making a small foil tab, bent over the lens ring that would apply just enough pressure to hold the generic filter mount in place.

Another add on, we had the shop creation a 3D printed shutter release mount. In conjunction with a $90.00 release cable (the most expensive thing about this entire outfit). The camera will be used strictly for long exposures. It's been difficult loading the film into the camera when a person like myself have arthritic hands. One thing I'd change about the Holga, I'd like to see a larger film advance knob.

Since getting the camera, I've used 11 rolls of film, My favorite is the Kodak Tri-x 400, but I also threw in the Ilford ISO 50 and one roll of Kodak Portra 160 just to get an idea of what to expect. At the end of this week, I'll finally have a chance to send at least 4 roll of the 120 film, and I'll make sure as to include the Ilford & Portra film. But will months of testing and shooting pay off or be a waste and a big disappointment. I wont know until the lab starts to develop something. However they have said that they will snip test the film before developing the entire roll.

I'm hoping to have something to show for my efforts very soon.
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