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SheezL SheezL Post 1 of 4
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Hello everyone!

I am going to study abroad in about a year and before my semester and after, I am planning to travel through SouthEast Asia (Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia, maybe Japan will be a part of the tour aswell).

I am beginning to save up - and I am prioritising camera gear but which kind of gear should I buy?
The plans is that I want to keep taking pictures afterwards on my travels, because I hope to travel when I am finished with my engineering education as a part of the job.

I have two thoughts atm:

Canon 5d Mark iii (because the Mark IV is coming this year the price on the iii will be lower next year or this fall).
Canon 24-70 2.8L II USM
and a 50 mm prime of some sort, maybe the Canon 50mm 1.4 USM.

^^ That should be okay I think for the street, landscape, structural and maybe some atmosphere pictures - and ofc some standard sitting in the restaurant eating weird food kinda pictures. :)

Some kind of light Canon with interchangeable lenses (mirrorless or whatever).

^^ For the lightweight and easy transport value. Have no idea which kind of gear though.

My old camera house broke - so I have some L lenses lying around without a functional house so that is yet another reason for the DSLR thought.

I want some great pictures obviously and I know that the equipment is like 10% of a good photo.
What would you recommend for great quality pictures for a traveling where the nature and atmosphere is unbelievable but also for the standard restaurant, school, friends at the park situations?

EDIT::: Good low light noise handling would be an asset I believe to be covered all around...

Thanks for your responses guys :)
Ken Piros Ken Piros   Post 2 of 4
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It all come down to personal choice. I find that the 24-70 f2.8 and the 35mm f1.8 are the two most used lenses that I have and the ones I like to use the most.

I have found the 50mm to be a little too tight when taking pictures indoors of friends, parties, etc.... But that is just my opinion, you may find it gives you the image you want.

Take your 24-70 f2.8 and aim it at a plate of food in front of you, set it to 50mm and then 35mm, which gives to the look you want to achieve?

Then again the 24-70mm already covers both those focal lengths, the only difference will be the f stop and a little more sharpness. Is it worth the money to get another f1.0 or f1.4 out of the lens?

Again, it all comes down to personal choice and disposable income.
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mariah mariah Post 3 of 4
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As you will travel a lot, you can buy a camera hood to protect your camera from fog, dust and rain. It also helps you to get rid of snow falling in the lens while taking a snap. There are many other equipment that you would need but I guess you will sort it out your own. I have suggested this because a lot of people do not use it and face problems.
mariah mariah Post 4 of 4
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As you will travel so much, you can also take some night pictures. Now a days night photography has great demands and they look really good too. If you make yourself taking night photos then you can utilize most of your time taking pictures and even at night.
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