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Photography - it's an attempt to stop a moment ...
Photography - it's emotions and moods ...
Photography - it's a worldview and an autobiography of photographer ...

I'm happy that some of my pictures was published on the start page of FC:

Dance Dance Tania Skaradek 21.12.13 8 gramophone gramophone Tania Skaradek 03.12.13 6 frozen chrysanthemum frozen chrysanthemu… Tania Skaradek 28.11.13 4 Back doors treasures... Back doors treasures… Tania Skaradek 03.11.13 6 The victim of sale The victim of sale Tania Skaradek 22.10.13 5 rowan rowan Tania Skaradek 29.09.13 9 sweet sweet Tania Skaradek 29.09.13 6 bald bald Tania Skaradek 29.09.13 10 Dream about Fall III Dream about Fall III Tania Skaradek 25.09.13 4 September's mood-2 September's mood-… Tania Skaradek 15.09.13 3

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