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I was born in 1943 in Thessaloniki Greece. I'm interested in History, Art, Archaeology theater and cinema in which I like to refer in my photos. In the last years I'm tending more to the digital field. My themes are mainly landscapes, ecology and nature, thus I love "static" photography using tripod, hand photometer and quite often medium format. I prefer the so called "pictorial" photography because I beleive that in such you can better approach the reality of subjects. Documentary and journalism photography refering to social problems and everyday life is also very much to my liking.
My favourite equipment are the D700 and D800 from the NIKON family with a collection of dedicated, SIGMA, and TAMRON lenses and from medium format a 645D Autofocus MAMIYA( PHASE ONE) with a LEAF APTUS D22 digital back.
I must admit, that I am a rather old fashioned darkroom obsessionist stuck to good focusing, depth of the field, hand photometry, assessment of highlights and shadows detail, good contrast in b+w and the rest of the stuff that- once upon a time- was the Bible of the dark room fanatic!...On this aspect, to my opinion, Ansel Adams is unsurpassed..
It's not always easy to have good teachers in photography so, i beleive,it is much better to learn from each other and there is always time for that..
I thank you all for offering this chance to me.

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  • SINA SINA , 04.09.15

    Tief hinunter Tief hinunter SINA 03.09.15 18

    Danke Alexander
    für Dein Lob zu meinem Foto
    ich grüße Dich herzlich Kristine
    hab ein schönes Wochenende

  • Certeau Dominique Certeau Dominique , 03.09.15

    La petite bande. La petite bande. Certeau Dominique 01.09.15 23

    La Campagne à Paris est un lotissement du 20e arrondissement de Paris. Il fut fondé en 1907 par le pasteur Sully Lombard sous forme d'une coopérative destinée à permettre l'accès pavillonnaire à des personnes à revenus modestes.
    Bonne journée.

  • Scatti delLa Chea Scatti delLa Chea , 02.09.15

    Ah, ah, ah!!!!!
    Such a funny comment, Alexander: thank you so much for it.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon :-)))))))

  • Cameraqueen Cameraqueen , 31.08.15

    Thanks a lot for your comment, Alexander! Via sapientiae? Who knows. The way is the goal!
    Cheers and a wonderful Monday, Sabine

    Lady in red... Lady in red... Cameraqueen 28.08.15 9

  • SINA SINA , 31.08.15

    Esslinger Ansichten 22 Esslinger Ansichten … SINA 30.08.15 32

    Danke lieber Alexander
    hab eine gute neue Woche
    Und herzliche Grüsse von Kristine

  • dolphine72 dolphine72 , 30.08.15

    Hello, Alexander.
    I'm very glad to have you between my buddies also. If I have understood well you are the one from old Guards of photographers, who has spended a lot of time in a dark room under red luntern, are not you? :)
    Have a new lucky, catching moments by your cameras!
    Friendly regards,

  • SINA SINA , 30.08.15

    Meerblick Meerblick SINA 29.08.15 15

    Danke lieber Alex
    für Deine schönen Zeilen zu diesem Foto
    meine Tochter hat es fotografiert in ihrem Urlaub an der Ostsee
    hab ein gutes Wochenende
    und herzliche Grüsse von mir Kristine

  • Certeau Dominique Certeau Dominique , 29.08.15

    Passion. Passion. Certeau Dominique 12.08.15 38

    A aucun moment il n'a relevé les yeux de sa lecture.
    Merci de ta visite.
    Bon W-E.

    Sans les mains. Sans les mains. Certeau Dominique 23.08.15 31

    Je me suis fait discret.

  • Christos Banos Christos Banos , 28.08.15

    File mou kale, kalimera,
    Se euxaristw gia ta kala sou logia! Nasai panta kala!

    Belltower in Oia Belltower in Oia Christos Banos 27.08.15 26

  • SINA SINA , 27.08.15

    Ansichten auf der Reichenau 4 Ansichten auf der Rei… SINA 26.08.15 11

    Vielen lieben Dank Alexander
    für Deine Wertschäztung
    des Fotos
    ich freue mich sehr darüber
    herzliche Grüße von Kristin

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