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I was born on the 3d-12-1943 in Thessaloniki Greece. I am a gynaecologist-obstetrician specialized in Infertility and In Vitro Fertilization(I.V.F). I'm also very much interested in History, Archaeology theater and cinema. In the last fifteen years I'm tending more to the digital field. My themes are mainly landscapes, ecology and nature, thus I love "static" photography using tripod, hand photometer and quite often medium format. I like the so called "pictorial" photography because I beleive that in such you can better approach the reality of subjects. Documentary photography is also very much to my liking. My favourite equipment are the D700 and D800 from the NIKON family with a collection of dedicated, SIGMA, and TAMRON lenses and from medium format a 645D Autofocus MAMIYA( PHASE ONE) with a LEAF APTUS D22 digital back. I'm doing my best to keep in touch with all modern and..metamodern fields in photography but, I must admit, that I am a rather old fashioned darkroom obsessionist stuck to good focusing, depth of the field, hand photometry, assessment of highlights and shadows detail, good contrast in b+w and the rest of the stuff that- once upon a time- was the Bible of the dark room fanatic!...On this aspect, to my opinion, Ansel Adams is unsurpassed..
Time passes though and the worse thing is to be left behind and loose contact with the... dragon fly pixel! Honestly for how much longer we'll still be able to get the delight of the Velvia and Provia film marvels? Even in London they are becoming a scanty luxury...

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  • PDP Photography PDP Photography , 20.08.14

    a series i decided to start after our latest conversation, thanks and nice 10 days! Philipp

    romanian landscapes I: bihor romanian landscape… PDP Photography 20.08.14 8

  • SINA SINA , 19.08.14

    Thank you
    Dear Alex
    BEST wishes Sina

  • Rob Nagelhout Rob Nagelhout , 19.08.14

    Hi Alexander, I hope you'll give critiques too when needed because that's the way to learn from each other

  • Ruslan Karpov Ruslan Karpov , 17.08.14

    Hi Alexander, thanks a lot for your comment. They are very dear to me!
    the young and the beautiful the young and the be… Ruslan Karpov 12.08.14 5

  • PDP Photography PDP Photography , 17.08.14

    dear alexander, thank you very much for your very kind remark on my picture "x". in fact i have invested some time to develop my own workflow and to achieve what i would like to achieve or to have that personal style i would like to see. in this respect i carefully studied your pictures and found out that there is a clear alex' style. regarding my landscapes i try to show how mankind has changed it even if no people are on the pictures. i try not to expose or unmask people, so people are rare on my pictures. thanks for you word "human". regards from romania, philipp

  • Harald Ferber Harald Ferber , 16.08.14

    Thank you very much for your nice comment!
    Kind regards Harald

    Die freche Nahomi Die freche Nahomi Harald Ferber 16.08.14 15

  • SINA SINA , 16.08.14

    MERCI dear Alex
    i wish you a nice Weekend
    BEST wishes and regard s Sina

  • SINA SINA , 11.08.14

    Thank you dear Alex
    For your good words to my pictures
    I am happy
    BEST wishes and NICE New week

  • SINA SINA , 10.08.14

    Good Morning dear Alex
    Thank you very much that you like this picture
    i am happy
    BEST wishes and regards Sina
    NICE Sunday for you

  • SINA SINA , 04.08.14

    Thank you dear Alex

    ......langsame Wege ......langsame Wege SINA 04.08.14 11

    Der Blick schweift aus dem Fenster Der Blick schweift au… SINA 04.08.14 18

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