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I was born in 1943 in Thessaloniki Greece. I'm interested in History, Art, Archaeology theater and cinema in which I like to refer in my photos. In the last years I'm tending more to the digital field. My themes are mainly landscapes, ecology and nature, thus I love "static" photography using tripod, hand photometer and quite often medium format. I prefer the so called "pictorial" photography because I beleive that in such you can better approach the reality of subjects. Documentary and journalism photography refering to social problems and everyday life is also very much to my liking.
My favourite equipment are the D700 and D800 from the NIKON family with a collection of dedicated, SIGMA, and TAMRON lenses and from medium format a 645D Autofocus MAMIYA( PHASE ONE) with a LEAF APTUS D22 digital back.
I must admit, that I am a rather old fashioned darkroom obsessionist stuck to good focusing, depth of the field, hand photometry, assessment of highlights and shadows detail, good contrast in b+w and the rest of the stuff that- once upon a time- was the Bible of the dark room fanatic!...On this aspect, to my opinion, Ansel Adams is unsurpassed..
It's not always easy to have good teachers in photography so, i beleive,it is much better to learn from each other and there is always time for that..
I thank you all for offering this chance to me.

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  • SINA SINA , 31.03.15

    Selten hat er mal seine Ruhe( weil Menschen ständig sein Gehege umlagern) Selten hat er mal sei… SINA 30.03.15 14

    Thank you dear Alex

    Drinnen...... Drinnen...... SINA 29.03.15 13

    yes fine light and good room to relaxe
    have a nice and happy day
    best regards Sina

  • SINA SINA , 27.03.15

    leise werden..... leise werden..... SINA 23.03.15 19

    Unten im Tal Unten im Tal SINA 24.03.15 15

    Wilhelma Ansichten Wilhelma Ansichten SINA 26.03.15 17

    Thank you very much dear Alex
    have a nice weekend
    and best regards Sina

  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 26.03.15

    Dear Alexander,
    thank you so much for all your generous comments on my Olympia series ... and I really appreciate all the information you have given me - we had no guide and no written information, and wikipedia does not tell me enough, so I am grateful to find out from you what the old ruins are ... so fascinating !!!!
    I was actually there in the latter 80s backpacking and by train .... and I was surprised how much I had forgotten.
    Next stop Kerkira - but again only a visit for half a day as in all of these cruiseship stops !!
    greetings and thanks again !!!

  • Christos Banos Christos Banos , 23.03.15

    Se efxaristw poly Alexandre!
    Kalo sou vrady, Xrnstos

    Ancient glorious marbles Ancient glorious mar… Christos Banos 22.03.15 5 Untitled Untitled Christos Banos 20.03.15 11

  • Christos Banos Christos Banos , 19.03.15

    Alexandre se euxaristw poly!

    Final station Final station Christos Banos 17.03.15 9

  • Christos Banos Christos Banos , 19.03.15

    Embarassing neighbours Embarassing neighb… alexander stefanatos… 18.03.15 7

    You did very well and you showed an ugly side of the beautiful in the other our country. Your text were excellent and I am with you in your such efforts!
    Unfortunately there is an unaccountability which many times, seeing such things, believe me weeps my soul...
    Kalnmera apo to kryo Haddonfield tou New Jersey

  • tamalou tamalou , 19.03.15

    merci pour ton commentaire
    amitié patrick

  • Christos Banos Christos Banos , 18.03.15

    Many thanks, Alexandre!

    Thunderstorm over Acropolis Thunderstorm over A… Christos Banos 15.03.15 12

  • Christos Banos Christos Banos , 18.03.15

    Alexander, thank you so much for your comment!
    This photo I posted of course does not belong to my own photographic style but because of yesterday's feast of St. Patrick, I thought to participate by my self in this event with an old photo of my last trip to NY, because since a few months I am a guest on American territory in New Jersey.
    I will be happy whatsoever to see your own photo of this temple, because I know that will be better.
    Me pollous xairetismous, Christos

    St. Patrick Cathedral St. Patrick Cathedral Christos Banos 17.03.15 6

  • alexander h. schulz alexander h. schulz , 15.03.15

    thank you so much, your photographic work is really brilliant!
    from alexander to alexander

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