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An elderly photographer, with many years experience, almost entirely with film cameras, which range from an 8x10 cardboard pinhole, through a 4x5 Sinar Handy, a Mamiya RB67, numerous Pentaxes which include a 50year-old K, down to a Zorki 4K and a Canon P
I photography almost anything, although landscapes are not my strong suit.
I have my own darkroom.

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  • R Kilduff R Kilduff , 06.04.14



  • R Kilduff R Kilduff , 06.04.14

    This is a personal note: I am ageing faster than planed. I would like to thank you for ypur friendship before I cannot.

    ps I aint quit yet!

  • Ruud van der Lubben Ruud van der Lubben , 09.03.14

    It was brought to the Admin Team's attention that Stan Wooding passed away in November 2013. He will be remembered by his friends here.

    Admin Team March 2014

  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 09.08.13

    thank you for your visit and comment, Stan .... I told our Summer to come your way - but it will take a few more months :-)))
    greetings, Adele

  • Peter F. Peter F. , 21.05.13

    Hi Stan,

    thank you for your comment on my picture of Mt. Taranaki.
    In fact it didn't rain at all the three days we spent at New Plymouth. So i guess we've been very lucky.

    Best regards

  • R Kilduff R Kilduff , 19.05.13

    Thanks for your comment. Feet down and dry.


  • Tania Skaradek Tania Skaradek , 02.05.13

    At the request of an old man girl does a picture of him. He asked her to take a photo so that you can see the interior of Catedral de la Sagrada Familia.
    Best regards

    Genuflection Genuflection Tania Skaradek 02.05.13 6

  • Tania Skaradek Tania Skaradek , 27.04.13

    Hi Stan!
    I like them too. And Harley Davidson;-)))
    Have a nice weekend

    Our yard Our yard Tania Skaradek 26.04.13 8

  • R Kilduff R Kilduff , 24.04.13

    I have noticed your interrest in history befor. I am glade you like this little peice of it. Sometimes it is fun to see a bit of it.


  • R Kilduff R Kilduff , 19.04.13

    Thank you stan, that little cat is now doing fine and playing .


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