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  • mario valentini mario valentini , 07.08.14

    Thanks Tadeusz for visit,I like it. Greetings from Rome,have a nice day.
    RAINBOW OF NATURE. RAINBOW OF NATURE. mario valentini 04.08.14 53

  • mario valentini mario valentini , 16.05.14

    Thanks Tadeusz for visit and comment,you're very kind. Greetings from Rome Italy.
    Wonderful World in macro.30. Wonderful World in m… mario valentini 11.05.14 75

  • Inez Correia Marques Inez Correia Marques , 21.12.13

    I wish you a wonderful season and best wishes for 2014!
    thank you for your visit

  • Inez Correia Marques Inez Correia Marques , 13.11.13

    Thank you for your visit Tadeusz

  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 24.09.13

    Thank you for your visit and comments, Tadeusz - much appreciated !!!
    greetings from Canada,

  • Tania Skaradek Tania Skaradek , 24.09.13

    Serdecznie dzi?kuje za odwiedzenie mojej galerii i komentarzy!
    Du?y pozdrowienia dla ?odzi z Norwegii :-)
    All the best

    September's mood-3 September's mood-… Tania Skaradek 15.09.13 3 September's mood-1 September's mood-1 Tania Skaradek 15.09.13 5

  • MacKloneck MacKloneck , 27.08.13

    Szanowny Panie Tadeuszu,
    serdecznie dziekuje za komentarz.
    Ciesze sie ze moje zdjecie Pana zainteresowalo.
    ( jakos tak sztywno wyszlo ??? )

  • CarmenV CarmenV , 20.08.13

    Thank you so very much for all your kind comments on my pics Clock, Wooden, Spring, Blue night, Violet and Blue daisy. I'm very glad that you like my work and appreciate your interest. Kind regards

    Clock Clock CarmenV 14.08.13 23

  • Lawson McCulloch Lawson McCulloch , 19.08.13

    Thank you for your comment on my shot.
    best wishes,

  • Glenn Capers Glenn Capers , 12.08.13

    Dear friend. Only investors seem to prosper. As gas prices go up, and the greenhouse situation increases, Our weather echoes people adding to their conversation that what we see today has never happened before. We we shoot cool pictures and forget to tell the story of man kind.

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