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I've come to realize that my art has diversity with powerful individual vision, that chronicles the life of individuals. People draw me into their lives to tell their story to anyone willing to listen and validate their reason for living. My attraction to story telling grew as my life developed behind a camera. I discovered that it's not how a photographer looks at the world that is important, it's their relationship with their fellow human beings and these moments of connectivity that are frozen in time for all to see.

I am now teaching street photography and journalism around the world. Helping people to find their stories after they identify their personal pilgrimage.

As a photographer I have won a John F Kennedy award, Leica Medal of Excellence for outstanding achievement in humanistic photojournalism, NPPA region 10 second place, and many more.

I hope to share more and inspire other's as an administrator on foto-community someday.

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  • Alfredo Spagnoli Alfredo Spagnoli , 08.12.14

    Grazie infinite per i tuoi graditissimi commenti

    GHOST PHOTOGRAPHER GHOST PHOTOGRAPHE… Alfredo Spagnoli 25.10.14 57

    Ciao, Alfredo

  • CarmenV CarmenV , 21.11.14

    Thank you so much Glenn !

    SNAIL SNAIL CarmenV 11.11.14 7

  • mohane mohane , 09.11.14

    Waiting Waiting mohane 08.11.14 19
    thank you, I try to see "more things" and better, not only with my camera but in life-:)

  • innocent innocent , 08.11.14

    thank you very much for your Comment, i´m appreciated becomming a Comment from the other side of the world...
    greets, inn

  • balou008 balou008 , 29.10.14

    Hi Glenn,

    thank you for your comment to my photo.



  • F. Rodriguez F. Rodriguez , 29.10.14

    Thank you Glenn for your visit and comments, most of all for your great photographic work

  • leonard p. leonard p. , 29.10.14

    Thank you Glenn, for your comments.


    Thank you very much. Like b &w. Perfect portfolio. Best regards. babis.

  • Inez Correia Marques Inez Correia Marques , 25.10.14


    thanks Glenn

  • Janet Morgan Janet Morgan , 24.10.14

    Thank you, Glenn, for your comments..I am enjoying your photos as always.

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