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As a person who enjoys capturing in photos what is around us this seems like a really good place to learn and share what I have found. (As of 12/6/07 I feel that all of you here at FC have taught me a lot.) My current digital camera is a cannon Powershot S31S that I am still learning about. Your comments, thoughts and feelings about my photos are much appreciated. Be critical as your constructive comments will only make me better. And I know for some shots, I just need a better camera. ;)
It's Feb. 15, 2008 and time to draw a line in the profile. I just bought a Canon EOS 40D so all photos from this point are taken with the new camera.
Thanks for all your comments! They are making me a better photographer.
Now it's mid Oct. of 2008 and I have been on FC a year now. This has been a good year learning how to use my camera and making many friends. There is still much to learn about photography, especially in editing. Thank you all for helping me with my photos and being a friend.
Another entry in the profile and it is June 2009. This will be my last entry in this profile as I am letting my membership expire. It is time for this child who has learned so much from the friends here on fc to leave the nest and move on. I love and appreciate all whom I have met here and wish you all the best. If you wish to contact me, send me an e-mail at

After 5 years away from Fotocommunity, I think it may be time to return. Currently I use a Canon 6D. As of Sept. 2014 I will again add a few photos here and participate in the community.

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  • Janos Gardonyi Janos Gardonyi , 28.02.15

    half of show sold out @ Feb. 27th. thanks for your comment and encouragement, Archie....... janos

    EXHIBITON - FEB. 2015 EXHIBITON - FEB. 201… Janos Gardonyi 28.01.15 8

  • gemblue gemblue , 26.02.15

    Carol's Dream Carol's Dream gemblue 22.02.15 8

    Thank you Archie, I've only seen the documentary about Woodstock, but it was an interesting visit there, The Museum takes you right back to those times, they sell all the old records and CDs, and of course many different types of souvenirs. The day I was there only the museum was open (daily), but there was no concert scheduled; but in summer they have an extensive schedule of performances.
    Nevertheless, it was an interesting place to actually see!

  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 16.02.15

    thank you so much for all your latest comments, Archie .... I really appreciate them. Our visit to the pyramids was much too short (that is why I don't like guided tours, but safety commanded it). So we did not go on any camel or horse or buggy rides - all was available ... we always say "next time", but I am afraid this was a once in a lifetime experience !!
    Wish you a great week - Spring already here so early with lots of blossoms, and I can just imagine your almond trees (was in California last year in Feb/March)
    greetings, Adele

  • silvermist silvermist , 10.02.15

    Frozen Frozen silvermist 09.02.15 2 snow and river snow and river silvermist 09.02.15 1 Little Blizzard Little Blizzard silvermist 09.02.15 2

    Thank you so much for your comments!!!
    I like your photo "Llama #2". it's so nice!!

    from Tokyo Japan.

  • Anita Weinberger Anita Weinberger , 10.02.15

    Hi Archie, many thanks for your nice comment. :)

  • Peter van der Houwen Peter van der Houwen , 07.02.15

    Thanks again for the many nice comments Archie!

  • Izel Izel , 05.02.15

    Hola Archie! Muchas gracias por visitar mi galería, eres muy amable con tus comentarios, saludos amigo!Izel

  • Peter van der Houwen Peter van der Houwen , 05.02.15

    Thanks for visiting and the nice comment!

  • barb.schultheis barb.schultheis , 01.02.15

    Thank you Archie for your visit and comments on my photo!

  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 31.01.15

    thank you for your nice comments and suggestion, Archie ... I found so much beautiful music from the Andes - the vendor is originally from Peru ... and I added one of the pieces.
    wish you a good evening,

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