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I love taking pictures of nature scenes and wildlife.

I see photography as the art of showing the beauty of life. Most of the scenes I show here are my efforts displaying the beauty of my country and what makes it great. I have concentrated a lot of my efforts on wild life. This is an exciting field in a country where most wild animals live outside Zoo's and can be photographed in their natural habitat. I love the hunt, getting the picture, but that will never be at the cost of the animal. I am always careful not to disturb the scene or upset the animals

After being on FC for a while now, I have learnt a lot from comments and just by looking at the excellent photos on this site.

Please feel free to comment on my pictures. I want to learn from you all.

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My son Dawie chose these as his favourites for 2009

Morning has broken The photo was voted to the gallery Morning has broken Deryck 01.09.09 188

One Big Happy Family One Big Happy Famil… Deryck 22.10.09 73

The Sentry The Sentry Deryck 23.05.09 37


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