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I am passionate, if not fanatic, about the Namib Desert in Namibia. It stretches along the coast of Namibia and is frequented daily by fog coming in from the Atlantic ocean in the afternoons and rolling out again in the mornings mostly accompanied by strong winds. This results in the most extraordinary light effects and an almost supernatural glow and always changing horizontal highlights. A mountain can be almost black at one moment and then glowing white the next moment. This also goes for the sand dunes, we have almost scarlet dunes in the south, beige ones in the middle and almost white ones in the north and always the play of fog and light. To those in a hurry the Namib desert will appear grey and desolate but for the sensitive and patient viewer it will unfold itself into the most uplifting scenery ranging from sublime subtleties to dramatic colour highlights. A most rewarding subject for those that are prepared to wait !
I have just changed from my very beloved Nikon F100 to digital Nikon D 700. At this stage I do not work on my photographs with Photoshop or similar programmes and submit the photographs as they were taken.

All my work has an "ALL RIGHTS RESERVED"copyright.

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  • NatureHiker NatureHiker , 29.08.15

    Hi Cathy, Thankyou for your comments about my Jumping Spider photo.

  • JWG-Photography JWG-Photography , 24.08.15

    Vielen Dank Cathy für Deine AM zu>>>
    Impressionen auf Santorin 3 Impressionen auf Sa… JWG-Photography 29.07.15 15
    Ich hoffe, es geht Dir gut. lG Jochen

  • Kosche Günther Kosche Günther , 11.08.15

    Liebe Cathy! Es gibt keine große Reise,die wir nach Algerien machen wollten.Ich habe nach dem Anschlag in Sousse in Tunesien die Reise abgesagt,weil ich mir sagte,einmal muss genug sein und auf keinen Fall will ich Maria irgendeiner Gefahr aussetzen,denn diese Verrückten können heute überall Zuschlagen. Natürlich ist es schade,weil wir uns sehr drauf freuten,soll leider nicht sein.Sonst haben wir nichts geplant und wir gehen hier in die Berge.Alle gute für Dich mit lieben Grüßen von Günther

  • Jaap Koer Jaap Koer , 11.08.15

    Hi Cathy I have take a look to all your brilliant pictures, I like it.
    I have visit your beautiful country in 2006, 2011 and 2014 but not all the time the right place in a good part of the day. I have done the 3 trips with mister Wim Dewulf from Windhoek.

    I have placed some Namibian pictures on;

  • José Fernandes De Andrade José Fernandes De Andrade , 11.08.15

    Thank's Cathy for the valuable comment on the Miao Grandma, appreciated.
    Take care.

  • paul blieden paul blieden , 31.07.15

    thanks for comment on my foal was a wonderful trip to camargue france !!

  • E. haamel E. haamel , 28.07.15

    thank you for the comment !!!!!!

  • Sue Thompson Sue Thompson , 28.07.15

    Hello Cathy, you tell me that you have not had the usual winter storms, well I ave to tell you that we have not really had much summer here in our small corner of the UK. The weather all the world over seems to be in a turmoil with itself. Let us hope that one day it will be right again.
    You take care... and keep your car door shut when the wind blows :)))

    Best wishes

  • José Fernandes De Andrade José Fernandes De Andrade , 27.07.15

    Glad you like the Wall image, appreciated Cathy.
    Went through your portfolio, impressive, of course the image Last light
    call my attention as I have one with the same tittle but taken in Dubai.
    Best regards.

  • MA-Photography MA-Photography , 12.07.15

    well done... great images you show ...

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