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raul lovera

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I fell in love with photography in 68-69 when i was living in Berkeley. Purchased a 35mm at a pawn shop for $12.00 and never looked back.
I hope that when people look at my photos you will not just compliment my work, but give me "constructive criticism". It's how i learn, one thing about photography i have come to realize is, it never ends, there is no "perfect shot" and i can always have done it differently.
That is the beauty and the beast and my love for it and sharing the experience with like minded people is truly icing on the spaghetti !!

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Nikolaus Benz, 16.04.2015 at 1:55h

Thanks for your comment Raul but, notice that in the foreground the Flower Stems are vertical suggesting that the background is on a slope!
Nikolaus Benz

Adele Oliver, 20.12.2011 at 3:59h

Seasons Greetings and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year to you and your loved ones !
A Very Special Christmas by Adele Oliver
A Very Special Christmas
by Adele Oliver
20.12.11, 2:34


Adele Oliver, 18.11.2011 at 4:42h

Thank you so much for your visit and kind comment !!!
best wishes from Canada,
November in Vancouver by Adele Oliver
November in Vancouver
by Adele Oliver
16.11.11, 23:34

jr. prom date, 28.05.2011 at 8:02h

Raul...could you be the same person that was my jr. prom a notion to look up old friends who impacted my junior years and you were one of them...maybe? If so, I'd love to hear where life has taken you. Louise Jewell, lower merion, ocean city, the park by merion station, etc. and I'm on facebook.

Anca Silvia B., 20.02.2011 at 17:42h

crazy flight of pigeons by Anca Silvia B.
crazy flight of pigeonsnot being discussed
by Anca Silvia B.
5.2.11, 19:26

Thank you my friend,hugs,anca

Bernd Ullrich, 20.02.2011 at 2:00h

Thanks for your comment :-)
*UHU* (Bubo) by Bernd Ullrich
*UHU* (Bubo)
by Bernd Ullrich
18.7.10, 22:55

Deryck, 20.12.2010 at 22:00h


adriano j faria, 11.06.2010 at 22:35h

Hi Raul,thank you so much for your comments!!!
its good to have you back!!!!

many ugs from Portugal.


Fabrizio Caratelli, 30.05.2010 at 18:18h

Grazie +++
ESTASI com by Fabrizio Caratelli
ESTASI comnav2/key_r.gifnot being discussed
by Fabrizio Caratelli
27.5.10, 21:43


Yochi, 29.05.2010 at 21:08h

Thanks for your comment!
Pelicans in Love by Yochi
Pelicans in Love
by Yochi
29.5.10, 13:53

Max Ruckman, 17.01.2010 at 23:41h

Thank you for your nice comment on my dog picture!


Deryck, 22.12.2009 at 15:57h

Hi Raul
I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2010


Mr. Saguari, 22.12.2009 at 8:23h

Happy to all ! by Mr. Saguari
Happy to all !
by Mr. Saguari
22.12.09, 8:06

Lili Hawsack, 28.08.2009 at 7:04h

Thanks for your nice words Raul. It feels good to know somebody sits far looking at my picures and enjoy them.

Nikolaus Benz, 13.04.2009 at 19:19h

Hi Raul!
I hope that you are well.
Today I was visiting an animal farm in the Cotswold’s in England where I came across the following text about the Horse. I thought you would be interested in this.
Best wishes,
Nikolaus Benz

The Horse
Where in this wide world can man find nobility without pride, friendship without envy or beauty without vanity?
Here where grace is laced with muscle, and strength by gentleness confined.
He serves without servility; he has fought without enmity.
There is nothing so powerful. Nothing less violent. There is nothing so quick. Nothing more patient.
England’s past has been borne on his back.
All our history is his industry,
we are his heirs, he is our inheritance

Written for the horse of the Year Show by Ronald Duncan

royal brown, 31.01.2009 at 23:58h

Thank you for your comment on my work it is nice to know that others derive pleasure from our mutual photos.
Thank You

royal brown, 20.01.2009 at 17:32h

Thank you for your encourageing comment on my photo entitled Life. I apprieciate it very much.
Royal Brown

William Williamson, 7.01.2009 at 15:16h

Hi Raul;
Thanks for the comment on "Swelling Storm".
Regards William.

Deryck, 21.12.2008 at 16:15h

Hi Raul

Thank you for all your support and comments during the last year. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas season full of joy and blessings
Take care

Mr. Saguari, 21.12.2008 at 13:04h

Sagi :-)

Fons van Swaal, 7.12.2008 at 21:12h

Season's Greetings by Fons van Swaal
Season's Greetingsnot being discussed
by Fons van Swaal
7.12.08, 14:53

Gert van der Flier , 4.12.2008 at 11:46h

Dear Raul,
I wish you a merry Christmas and a very healthful and happy new year 2009. Thanks for your friendship and nice comments on my pictures.
I hope we can continue our friendship and share our pictures also in 2009.
Best regards, Gert

Cary Maures , 19.11.2008 at 22:11h


Thanks for taking the time to comment on this image.

Müslüm Yasargun, 23.10.2008 at 21:29h

Thnak you very much Raul . . .

Marcel Caram , 17.10.2008 at 18:43h

hi Raul! ok?
I would like to thinks your visit and comments. I am glad you enjoyed my work.
Thanks again.
Best wish

Canan Oner , 17.10.2008 at 11:31h

Thank you so much Raul..
Best wishes,
Dream A Little Dream.. by Canan Oner
Dream A Little Dream.. 
by Canan Oner
5.9.08, 0:18

Fons van Swaal, 17.10.2008 at 0:19h

They are back Again by Fons van Swaal
They are back Againnot being discussed
by Fons van Swaal
6.10.08, 12:45

King Fisher ( 2 ) by Fons van Swaal
King Fisher ( 2 )not being discussed
by Fons van Swaal
8.10.08, 19:01

Thank you very much Raul for your recent comments , much appreciated.....;-))

Fons van Swaal, 16.10.2008 at 15:16h

They are back Again III by Fons van Swaal
They are back Again IIInot being discussed
by Fons van Swaal
14.10.08, 14:21

Thank you very much Raul.....;-))
Best regards..........Fons

Tim Zeipekis , 14.10.2008 at 23:12h

Thanks Raul for the comments, it is greatly appreciated!

Romano Gerald C. Rago , 10.09.2008 at 4:09h

thanks for your comment, :-)

Luiz Gustavo Chaves , 5.09.2008 at 15:02h

Raul, thanks for your comments.

Bodil Hegnby Larsen , 5.09.2008 at 9:44h

Thank you very much Raul for your appreciation, you are very kind. I love Tuscany... to take a beautiful photo there i not difficult :-))
Home by Bodil Hegnby Larsen
by Bodil Hegnby Larsen
5.8.08, 16:26

otherworld , 5.09.2008 at 1:28h

Thanks for the comment, that was really cool of you.

Lola Martínez Sobreviela , 4.09.2008 at 14:46h

Muchas gracias por tu visita y comentario a mi peculiar visión del bosque. Gracias por tu atención.
Un placer conocerte y acercarme a tu galería.

starbitejane , 4.09.2008 at 7:11h

Thank you for commenting on my blue dragonfly. It's v much appreciated. Have a great day.

Mattia Sacco , 3.09.2008 at 11:24h

...I see it the same as you...and thanks for the visit!

Jacqueline Chay, 2.09.2008 at 12:45h

You are Gracious - Thank you
Regards Jackie

Jose Dwek, 2.09.2008 at 0:33h

Raul, thank you for your nice comment. Nostalgia?

Cello Calcagno, 30.08.2008 at 3:53h

Hi buddie! thanks for your comments... are you South American? Thanks a lot.


jpics , 29.08.2008 at 3:48h

Thank you for the comment, I can almost feed this one by hand!!!

ElenaA , 28.08.2008 at 20:47h

Thanks Raoul for your very kind comment!

Victorious , 28.08.2008 at 7:28h

thanks Raul, for comments on my pic.

Shawn Olswold , 25.08.2008 at 6:30h

Thanx Raul. Your comments are wonderful.

archiek , 25.08.2008 at 2:18h

Thanks for the comment! I just think you want me to get wet with the dog. BW -Archie

Fons van Swaal, 24.08.2008 at 19:45h

Laetiporus Sulphureus by Fons van Swaal
Laetiporus Sulphureusnot being discussed
by Fons van Swaal
24.8.08, 14:19

Thanks a lot Raul for visit and comment , it's much appreciated...;-))

Valentina Sommerland , 12.08.2008 at 0:55h

Thanks much!
I'm not so good with camera - just began.

Best regards Tina.

IJAZ BHATTI , 10.08.2008 at 18:23h


Joseph Pennington, 22.07.2008 at 13:41h

Hello Raul, thanks for your comment on "Fly No More.
Yes, the fly really does add something. I took four very close shots and he never seemed to notice me.
I had planned on doing a daily series of the birds progression as he decomposed, but the next day he was gone.

Tahar Jmyi, 20.07.2008 at 17:27h

Danke für die Anmerkung,das Bild habe ich am frühmorgen aufgenommen
LG Tahar

Bob Davidson , 20.07.2008 at 0:06h

Hi, thanks for the comment re: House with Vines, Lovran.
I walked past that house with a large group of people and it just looked so beautiful to me - I knew there was potential for a nice photograph. Oddly, no one else in the group showed the slightest interest. Glad you enjoyed it.
I did reach my friends from the boat recently. Sadly, the boat is no more (sank) but I've re-established contact with my old friends. This fotocommunity thing is working out!
House with Vines, Lovran by Bob Davidson
House with Vines, Lovran
by Bob Davidson
18.7.08, 19:13

mirella35 , 19.07.2008 at 23:23h

Grazie a te for the comment. Ciao

Vanessa Halvorsen , 18.07.2008 at 16:03h

Thanks alot for your comments!
They means so muh for me:-)

Fons van Swaal, 25.06.2008 at 19:14h

Great Crested Grebe III by Fons van Swaal
Great Crested Grebe IIInot being discussed
by Fons van Swaal
24.6.08, 23:05

Thanks a lot Raul for the comment ....;-)))

Cristina Ioana S. , 25.06.2008 at 2:04h

Thank you for viewing my photo and for your comment! I can see that you have a lot of wonderful pictures! And i think they reveal a sensitive soul! ;)

Best wishes!

Artsalah , 23.06.2008 at 12:23h

Thank you for your time and comment. I would like to say, that i also liked Your pictures, specialy two of them. "bridging the land" and "Fog in the Morning". There is some kind of magic on them.

PS: Apologize for my bad english :)

With regards
Artsalah (Lucas Halastra)

sebastian romero , 14.06.2008 at 18:32h

Thank you very much, Raul, for your kind observation, specially when one is exploring new things...
Regards Sebastian

Jacqueline Chay, 13.06.2008 at 11:15h

Hi Raul - Your comment made me smile But you are much too kind.
There is always so much to learn.
I used only a UV filter on this lens
(Is that the same as a polarizing filter? lol - see i know nothing Raul - I am not very good with the tech stuff, ask Sue and Harold Thompson, they are trying to teach me Photo shop lol.) Thanks for all your great comments, appreciated.
Best Regards from Australia and me

Veikko, 12.06.2008 at 7:40h

Thanks Raul.....and all the best to outside of Philadelphia.

Nikolaus Benz, 12.06.2008 at 0:59h

Hi Raul,
Thank you very much for viewing so many of my photographs and for the comments relating to each of them which is much appreciated.
I trust that things are well with you so distant from my location which is Cheltenham England!
Until next time Best Wishes,

Chris Kieffer, 11.06.2008 at 22:43h

Some nice shots and thanks for comment too

Nikolaus Benz, 11.06.2008 at 1:38h

Hi Raul,

Thanks for your comment.
I can sympathise with your view on the title of my photograph but I would also comment that perhaps man should not ride horses or should not have used horses as beasts of labour. I believe that all of these activities result in a degree of stress and pain to the animal. Where would mankind be today if it were not for the horse? The same of course also goes today for all other domesticated animals exploited for our purpose. Realistically, for all of these activities man has to be the “Master”!

Jack Cunningham , 10.06.2008 at 1:56h

Valley in the Clouds by Jack Cunningham
Valley in the Clouds
by Jack Cunningham
9.6.08, 3:54
Thanks for comment on my photo Raul,


Igor Flasz, 9.06.2008 at 23:54h

Thanks a lot for your comments.. regards...
SPANISH MOSS by Igor Flasz
by Igor Flasz
7.6.08, 0:01

by Igor Flasz
6.6.08, 23:56

MOUNTAIN by Igor Flasz
by Igor Flasz
6.6.08, 23:51

ICEBERG by Igor Flasz
by Igor Flasz
6.6.08, 23:47

by Igor Flasz
6.6.08, 23:33

Gracias por tus commentarios Raul, Saludos..

Yap Seok Thong , 5.06.2008 at 17:07h

Hello Raul,

Thanks for your comment! I appreciate it a lot! Will comment on your photos later on when i'm free :)

Seok Thong

Niiina , 5.06.2008 at 8:28h

hey raul,
thank you for your comment!


Josep Gil, 26.05.2008 at 1:50h

Thanks for your comment, Raul!
. by Josep Gil
by Josep Gil
22.5.08, 0:40

Rusdi Abu Bakar , 25.05.2008 at 8:23h

Thanks for yor comment,
appriciate it!

Adrienne Vedeloff , 22.05.2008 at 15:16h

Hey Raul!

Thank you for the wonderful comment!


monochromo , 22.05.2008 at 2:34h

hi raul

thanks a lot for your nice comment!

see you soon...!

much greetings, mc

cahaya , 8.05.2008 at 14:12h

thanks for your comment.
actually i took that picture on yesterday ^_^
Putrajaya Bridge, Kuala Lumpur by Hazreen
Putrajaya Bridge, Kuala Lumpur
by Hazreen
7.5.08, 17:47

Isabel2 Cruz, 2.05.2008 at 22:13h

Thanks for your comment.
Star by Isabel2 Cruz
by Isabel2 Cruz
1.5.08, 14:43

Sentin , 2.05.2008 at 12:38h

Hy Raul, thanks a lot for your comment on my profil! Really like your profil! Go on like that!

adriano j faria , 28.04.2008 at 23:41h

Hi Raul,tanks for your dear comments to my photos.they are the motive to try every day the best i can...i wish you the best shots in the world...and a great ug from Portugal...Adri.

Corrina Horne , 28.04.2008 at 16:59h

Hi Raul, thank you for your lovely comments and advice! they're much appreciated. Have a great week!
Corrina :)

aw masry , 27.04.2008 at 9:11h

fishing time by aw masry
fishing time 
by aw masry
25.4.08, 4:57
Hello friend
Thanks in advance for your visit and comment. Much appreciated.
Best regards - aw masry

Mr. Saguari, 22.04.2008 at 7:23h

Hi Raul, thanks !
Sagi :-)
... in train ... by Mr. Saguari
... in train ... 
by Mr. Saguari
19.4.08, 20:05

Jacqueline Chay, 6.04.2008 at 14:47h

Hi Raul, Many Thanks for your comment
Regards from Australia

Christina Christensen , 2.04.2008 at 22:46h

Thank you for your comment on my portrait ;-)

Imola Kallo , 2.04.2008 at 17:32h

Thank you for your comment!
Gypsies by Imola Kallo
by Imola Kallo
25.10.07, 18:11

Best regards,

Robert L. Roux, 26.03.2008 at 4:16h

thanks raul

i'll get a much better portait
of super-model finnegan soon -
but not climbing the ice-tower thing
a g a i n ... ;-))
a northern greeting

Jeff Fletcher , 25.03.2008 at 1:34h

thanks for the comment, I actually thought I had other pictures of the tub.

Footprints , 20.03.2008 at 10:15h

Thanks for your nice comment and a postcard from holland ;-)

Daniel Avasilichioaei, 19.03.2008 at 22:04h

Thank you...

Bechwati , 19.03.2008 at 15:23h

Thank you for your recent comment on (povertà nelle "Via in Lucina"), glad to have stumbled upon your photos.

Regards, Fouad

Bechwati , 19.03.2008 at 15:21h

Thank you very much for your comment, glad to have stumbled upon your photos, plenty to feast the eyes on!

Best Regards,

Lukas Stern, 18.03.2008 at 16:01h

Thank you for you nice comment ;) If you ever visit Bucharest(Romania) i can tell you the name of the street, i'm sure it's exacly the same, maybe the light a litlle diffrent :)
Regards, Lukas
The Bike by Anca Alecu
The Bike
by Anca Alecu
4.3.08, 22:17
1 Comment

Maria Mylona, 18.03.2008 at 14:38h

Thank you very much Raul for your nice comment. I really appreciate it :)

Best regards,

Jorge Pérez Carsí, 18.03.2008 at 9:30h

A lot of thx for this and the other comments.
C by Jorge Pérez Carsí
Cnot being discussed
by Jorge Pérez Carsí
14.3.08, 8:47

Manos Peponas, 17.03.2008 at 18:56h

Many thanks for your comment.

Borsay Márti , 17.03.2008 at 7:16h

Thank you!:)

Frank Cecconi, 17.03.2008 at 5:37h

Thanks, Raul!!!


Isabel2 Cruz, 16.03.2008 at 22:19h

Thanks for yours comments.

marian enache , 16.03.2008 at 15:47h

thank you for your comment!

Jack Cunningham , 15.03.2008 at 2:26h

Thanks very much for you kind comment on the Orchid shot.
Beautiful Orchid by Jack Cunningham
Beautiful Orchid
by Jack Cunningham
13.3.08, 18:38

Dietmar Deifuß, 13.03.2008 at 18:41h

Thanks for your comment. :-))


Zhenya Z., 12.03.2008 at 15:51h

Hi, raul lovera!
Very apritiate you're comment on my picture!
Yes, it's CS3 and plugin Re-Dinamix - VERY outstandings thing!

M. Serge Robitaille , 12.03.2008 at 3:10h

Thanks you for your comments. Hope to see more of your work posted on FC !

Jorge Pérez Carsí, 9.03.2008 at 9:51h

Thx for your comment
Flamingo by Jorge Pérez Carsí
Flamingonot being discussed
by Jorge Pérez Carsí
8.3.08, 23:22

Maddalena Di Gregorio, 12.02.2008 at 13:16h

Raul, Thank you for your quirky and humourous comment on my Mount of Venus picture.


Sadie Bleistein , 10.02.2008 at 22:22h

Thank you Raul!

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newest comments | all comments (100)