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Rob Nagelhout

Time for a change???

I've tried a few other Photo Communities and found the exact same thing, Rob.
In one particular site I did as you are doing and declared my intention of not joining in the favourites/commended/10/10 thing.
The response was immediate and comments on my images dropped by about 75% practically overnight.
I guess that people need their ego's stroked and expect reciprocity for every box they tick. I fear that this diminishes any real value to the entire comments section of those sites.
Constructive and polite criticism of ones work should be applauded, after all none of us are perfect but seek to improve on our finished product.
That said, many of us (myself included) create an image for many reasons and often from remembered events/emotions/atmosphere remembered from the time of taking and present it as such.
No-one can fully understand the circumstances of that moment but we put it out in public view because we are happy with it, that should be respected.
The very best of luck with your quest, I'll join you and see how it goes before becoming a paid up member.
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Ken Piros

Five Questions

Favorite Photography Book ?

Chris Orwig- Visual Poetry.

The one lens I could not be without ?

35mm f 1.8, I am very comfortable with this lens

What do you do to get your drive back when you experience photographers block ?

I give myself a topic or project to work on. I will look at photography blogs and websites for a project or topic idea and when I see something that looks interesting I go out and look for an interesting way to capture it.

What inspires me to go out and take photographs ?

Looking at the works of others and coming across something that makes we want to click on the image and see what elements within the frame make the image stand out and thinking how can I include those elements/techniques in my images. Then go out and do it.

If I could go back in time and tell the young me one thing about photography what would it be ?

While in pursuit of that “magical” street or documentary image put more effort into making better environmental portraits or candid images of the people in your life that mean something to you. Those moment cannot be recreated.
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