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2006 - July - 9th

Our first \\\"day on fotocommunity\\\" ... :-)

Idea by Mark Page


SUNDAY 9th JULY 2006

Somewhere in the world there will be scenes of great joy and celebration, in others sorrow & grief.

For this photo assignment I challenge you all to upload a photo which shows the rest of the World where you were, and what you observed on this day. for inspiration


Photo must be taken on 9th July 2006
Colour or B&W
Maximum of 3 uploads per member
Enhancements using PS or similar accepted
NO “Digiart” please.
Short description below images stating where the photo was taken & what the scene represents to you.
Upload to:
(note:~ Tab will only become live on or immediately after 9th July).

NO NUDES PLEASE – as this is a public forum

I hope this will be seen as a fun project (with no prizes unless admin wish to publish the best in the gallery) – Please advertise the event to as many people as possible… the more countries represented, the better.

Good luck from sunny High Wycombe in England, – I look forward to seeing your part of the World on 9th July!
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