Joanne Robinson

Free Account, Staffordshire

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“I was born Staffordshire, in the 'Mid-lands' of England in 1973. As a child I would visit my grandparents in Wales. I remember looking into rock pools, combing the beach for treasures, finding it of great interest. The memory of examining small textural surfaces has stayed with me. I find beauty in detail: The patterns of a surface which has been eroded by the elements or the way shadows fall across uneven surfaces. Shadows play an important role in my work as I believe that they can reveal just as much about the nature of an object as they do obscuring it. By isolating elements from the clutter of their surroundings I aim to reveal the beauty of the mundane and the otherwise overlooked.

I was raised within the industrial surroundings of a redundant coal mining community and the then mighty power of the pottery industry. Inspired by these areas, by my deep love of machinery, by my littoral ties, I have always sought ways to be artistic. I am currently still living and working in Staffordshire today.

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