Seven white chairs

Seven white chairs

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  • Lawson McCulloch 11/03/2013 21:09

    My compliments on this very clever piece of work.
    best wishes,
  • Tatiana Gutskova 06/03/2013 10:25

    superb! otlichno! first-class work!
    bw Tatiana
  • s. sabine krause 02/03/2013 13:47

    seven white chairs formerly known as "snow white's seven bulbous-nosed dwarfs"! ; ) here's how it all came about:

    at the very moment when snow white ate the fatal apple, the seven dwarfs were simultaneously turned into an ivory fan. legend has it that the seven dwarfs buried snow white in a glass coffin, but that's not true. instead, she was leant against a tree by seven sassy squirrels, who put the ivory fan in her stiff hand, thinking it would look quite picturesque, which in fact it did. after a while a prince on a white horse came along, spotted the girl leaning against the tree – obviously dead as a dodo – and so he said to himself: "oh my! just look at the ivory fan in her hand! it's beautiful! but what a waste to leave it in the hand of a stiff!" he had a sense of style and decency, that one! he then tried to pull the fan out of her hand to inspect its design and look for a brand name, but her seemingly dead fingers stubbornly held on to it. he pulled harder, and suddenly it slipped from her fingers. the girl, aka snow white, started to cough and retch, and out came the evil apple! when the perplexed prince opened his hand to look at the fan again, it had turned into seven befuddled gnomes. "eek!" yelped the prince, and let them fall on the ground. the rest is fairy-tale history… ; ))))) greetings, sabine.
  • Valfoto 02/03/2013 0:43

    Very good work
    Regards, Manuel