LAN_0717-The Big Explosion In Beirut

LAN_0717-The Big Explosion In Beirut

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  • troedeljahn 14/08/2020 10:27

    Unglaublich. Ein Horror ohne Gleichen. Vielleicht ist es nur eine Vorschau von dem was die ganze Erde erreichen wird.
    Bleibe gesund und verliere die Hoffnung nicht.
    Viele Grüße    Wolfgang
    • Zman68 16/08/2020 9:35

      Thank you a lot dear Wolfgang for your solidarity and support. You too satay safe.
    • Zman68 24/08/2020 7:47

      I want to apologize for your dear friend for not being able to respond to you soon. The aftermath of the tragic explosion is doubling on me and all Lebanese. The worst thing is that we are losing hope as the ruling politicians have made them selves good for now and the future. We have no hope of changing them but we have the will to rebuild our city. Please accept my apology.
      Stay safe.
  • Ushie Farkas 14/08/2020 2:24

    Also, contemporary history. I don´t understand that you have no comments ! Greetings
  • Luisa Wegner 13/08/2020 19:24

    ?????? ??????


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Camera NIKON D800E
Lens Zeiss Otus 1.4/55 ZF.2
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Focus length 55.0 mm
ISO 50

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