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the water turtle you can see in the collage - which we named hugo - after we had saved his life, buying him from a chinese supermarket as seafood, for us$5.99, is now happily swimming around in a lake in the area where we live!

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  • Sally Dunn 12/06/2009 19:01

    Very creative shot Kris, and I love it that you saved Hugo from certain death in the chinese supermarket and he is happy with his new life in the lake! Brilliant. You are a turtle saving hero!!
  • KRISTINA SCHIRMER 09/06/2009 22:07

    the turtle "hugo" is probably very happy that he survived the seafood department in the chinese supermarket!
    he dreams of deep water, sunbathing and a beautiful "alwina" water turtle girl ;)
    lol ;)
    who is "she" - the turtle or the woman?
  • inge.h 09/06/2009 22:03

    what is she dreaming of ... its like an explosion over the turtle sitting calm... and wise...
    great collage!
    regards inge
  • Fons van Swaal 09/06/2009 10:29

    Very nice collage........
    Great what you did , you are a very kind person...