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Jim McKinniss

Pro Member, Orcutt

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  • Felix Hug 07/03/2007 17:46

    @ yasemin

    Well, i thought thats why we joined in the first place....who wants to hear coments like:

    +++, great, super, geil, and so on... what is that supposed to help anyone????
  • Peter. Gau 06/03/2007 23:20

    WellThomas, it did better then mine anyway, congrats to that :-))))

    It's in my and i am sure in some others favorites.

  • Inez Correia Marques 06/03/2007 18:29

  • Darinka Mladenovic 06/03/2007 18:29

  • Stefano G. Spedicato 06/03/2007 18:29

  • Felix Hug 06/03/2007 18:29

    Many times when take a photograph, its the subject that has to be interpreted and respected and because of its fame takes the picture to a different level.

    With an intensly photographed building, like a ghery building, its not any different. Most of us know the structure already and have it seen hundreds of times, there is no need to copy that.

    Its one of the reasons I like Jims picture. He tried to look for a different angle and a picture withing the structure. I could see his picture as an abstarct painting hanging on the wall in most appartments.

    Another reason is, that he controlled the light to the T, as only good photographers are doing.

    If you look closely, there is not highlight that is burned out and no dark shadow going to complete black...unfortunately if I look at jims other pictures, I'm not sure if that was just a bit luck there ;-)..

    However two things dont really go down well with me. The left half shows water stains as a wave. Its a personal thing, but within this "Artpiece" its slightly disturbing, as it breaks the clean architectural lines.

    The second thing is that the left half is slightly out of focus. Not a big deal, but it could most likely be avoided with a tripod.

    Architectural Photography is as though on the master level...as any other photography. I think Jim did a good job, but if you like to have the masters in the gallery.. not quite sure.

  • Claudia Hummel 06/03/2007 18:29

  • Abdul Khaliq 06/03/2007 18:29

  • Robyn Raggio 06/03/2007 18:29

    Although this is a great image, there are others in your series of the concert hall that I feel are superior to this one. This has a minimal amount of tonal ranges, texture and a rather stunted flow compared to the others--and for those reasons I feel it isn't as strong. This time, Contra, Jim, sorry.
  • Lost in dreams 06/03/2007 18:29

  • Dominique Duriot 06/03/2007 18:29

    This is good but not Gallery imo
  • ende einer reise 06/03/2007 18:29

  • Herbert Wannhoff 06/03/2007 18:29

    °°°° P R O °°°°
  • H.J.V. V. 06/03/2007 18:29

  • Claude Coeudevez 06/03/2007 18:29