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I've been photographing since my mom gave me my first "kids" camera and later her used (analog and then digital) ones, because she got a new one.
After a few years in the age of perhaps 16 I got my first new one just for me.
I love taking pictures of how I see the world, so in times they are more colorful or less colorful then how the camera would take the picture without my interference ;).
I've still not found one subject I'm totally into, it is the extraordinary things, interesting points of view, nature, industry that interest me, but also in times positioned people or portraits, normally of me so I give instructions to my family to take to picture the way I want it to be.
Mostly I think I take pictures of architecture (be it old, new or already in decay) and nature (landscapes or animals, panorama or macro).
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  • Photographer (advanced stage)
  • Model (beginner)


Sony HX 400 V
a Gorilla Pod
a Nokia Lumia 920
and a lot of patience