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Hi Gents & Lads

I always circled on Tumblr, but: there are a lot of idiots (Sry if u do Tumblr)
I wanted a web-page with only photographers...
So I landed here.
To my self:
I know I'm only 16 years of age, but I love photographing, My favorites are Landscape but also Macro and Portrait, the problem: I ain't got volunteers.
I also do sport photography.. That explains the fish-eye photos done with the GoPro Hero 2.

Hope you like my pictures,

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  • Dragomir Vukovic 20/02/2013 5:07

    Hey Faris - WELCOME !!!
    Thank you for coming here to the land of the creative FC.
    Have a great time with your new friends.
    Dragomir - Special Channel Manager
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