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For the first time I took a camera deep in childhood. This was a small mechanical entry-level camera with a narrow range of choice in adjustment. It has only basic manual settings for aperture, exposure and white balance. It didn't even have autofocus. The distance was calculated to be approximately. Some time later, I bought mirror distance measuring equipment and things came to better.

I once lived, and I live at present, in a not very big town. Where mainly life is peaceful and controlled pace. Here is not any big store where I can buy everything required. When I was a little boy, through the difficulty of accessing stuff and bad financial position, I was compelled to make only black-and-white photos. Life in such a town also largely influences a choice of themes which can be made. The gray streets of town fell on monochromatic photo paper under shine red spotlight lamp. First the developer, then the fixing agent and many photos attached with clothespins on a strings stretch out across my living room. It was a wonderful time in my life. Photographic film whole meters by hand wound on a spool for the development. Some time of unbearable waiting and frames of film glimpse running as life in my eyes. This is an unforgettable sense.

Time was running away. All changed, and instead a manual technology appeared digital. Improvement pour in the photo industry and began a new race of quality, sharpness, detail. Instant results on a display give solvability of problems that arise during the photograph. Previous issues with photo films stand back in the past, and instead of volume photo projectors come compact photo printers. Afterward I bought a Digital Camera, not a DSLR, but with it, I could realize many of my own dreams. In this time, many family members to fall a victim of my photographs. Permanently, I compelled someone to sit for one portrait. Hunting for new topics for photography requires ingenuity. Deep in thought, I'm trying to create a device for subject photography. Do not want to pay more money for equipment. I'm in search of another way to create conditions to photograph. In constant research into photography, I created my own method of taking a photograph where you don't need any space or expensive equipment. Today in my arsenal are only two outer flashes with tripods and a photo umbrella where one side is white, the other side silver. And even though I've been using a DSLR for a very long time, I'm always trying to increase my level of refinement to try to create my own masterpiece in the field of photography.

P.S. - Apologizing ahead of time for my poor English.
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