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28, higher education (finance and law), 7 years in photography,
2007-2011 photographer with an accreditation at the public events (music and movie festivals, premiere, concerts for web-sites, fotobank, ect. - it's all digital photos)
2009 first experience with film-camera (I used kodak, fuji, ilford film)
2010-2012 photos for emerging artists at the backstage (own project),
2011-2013 photos of ordinary people in the city with my own point of view (street photography) and experimental portraits.
2012-2013 I have studied classical and contemporary art (courses and lectures at museums in Moscow and the State Humanitarian University)

Over time I realized that take photos of stars & media persons (at public events) boring, uninteresting, it is not real photojournalism, not the author's art. Commercial, stock-photography it's not self-realization.
So, today the most interesting to me street photography, because:
- I choose myself the story that I want to show
- I don't need an accreditation
- improvisation, creative and dangerous proximity to the subject
- I portray our time, present, history.

The street photography allows me to combine my artistic expression with journalism.

MY new links: about biracial people, metis, mulatto (people like me ;))

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  • Silvana W. Silvana W. , 06.03.15

    Compliments for your work.Is Fantastic**
    see you soon ¡
    Good Luck*

  • Dragomir Vukovic Dragomir Vukovic , 26.02.15

    rich touch in your photo-life windows !

  • MUNKE MUNKE , 24.02.15

    eine klasse Serie , deine letzten Fotos

  • Pietro de angelis Pietro de angelis , 02.02.15

    Hai una bella galleria...complimenti!!!

  • lautreryves lautreryves , 05.01.15

    hello .......... nice to meet you here also

  • Diana Rybakova Diana Rybakova , 31.12.14

    happy new year dear friends and fotocommunity!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you!!)

  • Aldieb Aldieb , 30.10.14

    great photos - great eye

  • Diana Rybakova Diana Rybakova , 12.10.14

    THANK YOU VERY MUTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toni Toth Toni Toth , 05.10.14


  • Li.B. Li.B. , 04.01.14

    incredible portfolio, found you by "Agora" (german f.c.)
    best wishes!

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