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28, higher education (finance and law), 7 years in photography,
2007-2011 photographer with an accreditation at the public events (music and movie festivals, premiere, concerts for web-sites, fotobank, ect. - it's all digital photos)
2009 first experience with film-camera (I used kodak, fuji, ilford film)
2010-2012 photos for emerging artists at the backstage (own project),
2011-2013 photos of ordinary people in the city with my own point of view (street photography) and experimental portraits.
2012-2013 I have studied classical and contemporary art (courses and lectures at museums in Moscow and the State Humanitarian University)

Over time I realized that take photos of stars & media persons (at public events) boring, uninteresting, it is not real photojournalism, not the author's art. Commercial, stock-photography it's not self-realization.
So, today the most interesting to me street photography, because:
- I choose myself the story that I want to show
- I don't need an accreditation
- improvisation, creative and dangerous proximity to the subject
- I portray our time, present, history.

The street photography allows me to combine my artistic expression with journalism.

MY new links: about biracial people, metis, mulatto (people like me ;))

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  • lautreryves lautreryves , 05.01.15

    hello .......... nice to meet you here also

  • Diana Rybakova Diana Rybakova , 31.12.14

    happy new year dear friends and fotocommunity!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you!!)

  • Aldieb Aldieb , 30.10.14

    great photos - great eye

  • Diana Rybakova Diana Rybakova , 12.10.14

    THANK YOU VERY MUTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toni Toth Toni Toth , 05.10.14


  • Li.B. Li.B. , 04.01.14

    incredible portfolio, found you by "Agora" (german f.c.)
    best wishes!

  • Diana Rybakova Diana Rybakova , 25.12.13

    Happy Christmas!

  • Andy-Wood Andy-Wood , 24.12.13

    Wishing you and your loved ones a happy Christmas and all the best for 2014
    kind regards

  • pe be pe be , 16.12.13

    orange !
    lg peter

  • Diana Rybakova Diana Rybakova , 13.11.13


    Built-in camera flash lit up only the center of the frame. So in my new experimental photoseries "voyeurism with flash" you can see the black shadow on the bottom of these photos. Every story in the photo in a black frame like a classical picture.
    i did it on purpose to achieve the following effect without photoshop:
    - Manic search for the victim in the dark,
    - To show what is hidden (like a ray of light in the dark)
    - Flash enhances the brightness of colors
    - The effect of the invasion of privacy.

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