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Free Member, Faro

About me

Hy to all visitors.

Photography is one of the ways to express my self.
The camera is the extencion of my eye, like the pencil is the extencion of my hand.

I start doing photography becouse it was an easy way to "drawn" something...


Comments 82

  • Andy-Wood 03/27/2014 1:54

    Thanks Delio, hope you are keeping well.
    all the best
  • Tania Skaradek 03/07/2014 10:41

    A lot of thaks, Delio!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Best regards
  • Y.Takatsu. 12/31/2014 18:40

    A Happy New Year !!
    Many thanks for your visit and kind comments,
    best wishes,
    Y.Takatsu. Tokyo Japan
  • Silvana W. 12/22/2013 22:31

    All the best to you and your family,Délio*
    a hug ¡
  • Leo_nid 12/21/2013 23:00

  • Tania Skaradek 12/15/2013 1:36

    A lot of thanks for your nice comments, Delio!
    Have a nice new week:-)
    all the best
  • adriana lissandrini 11/27/2013 19:19

    Thanks dear friend! best wishes, Adriana
  • palma 11/18/2013 22:11

    Hi Del-Hor... :-)
    Many thnx for visiting my gallery and commenting ... ;-)
  • Tania Skaradek 11/18/2013 15:13

    Thank you Delio:-)
    Have a good new week!
  • Tania Skaradek 11/10/2013 19:31

    Thanks Delio! Yes, it was wonderful few hours in one of my favourite places in Vilnius!
    Have a nice new week:-)
    Best regards

  • Tania Skaradek 11/08/2013 19:52

    Thanks for kind and good comments Delio!
    I'm glad that you like my favourite town:-)
    Have a nice weekend
  • Tania Skaradek 11/07/2013 2:48

    You are absolutely right in your comments Delio!
  • Y.Takatsu. 11/05/2013 9:50

    Many thanks for your visit and kind comment,
    I was very pleased, and enjoyed your nice-Fotos !
    With my best regards,

    Greetings from Tokyo, Japan
  • Tania Skaradek 11/03/2013 19:18

    Yes, you are right about dress for those two men. They really looks like from the old times.
    Thanks for comment!
    All the best
  • Tania Skaradek 11/03/2013 16:51

    Thank you Delio for good comments;-)
    All the best in the new week
  • adriana lissandrini 10/17/2013 18:29

    Thank dear friend for your lovely comment regards, Adriana
  • Tania Skaradek 10/16/2013 0:19

    Thank you so much Delio!
    All the best
  • Silvana W. 09/29/2013 20:20

    Many thanks for all your comments ¡
    Have a nice week
  • Andy-Wood 09/29/2013 0:44

    Thanks Delio ;-)
  • Tania Skaradek 09/28/2013 19:45

    About girls it was just a joke:-)))
    Each one wants to stay in the bed for a longest time on weekend morning!
    Thanks for nice comments Delio!
    Best regards and joyful Sunday
  • Tania Skaradek 09/25/2013 23:14

    Hi Delio!
    A lot of thanks for your nice and friendly comments!
    Best regards
  • Tania Skaradek 09/23/2013 2:48

    Here in Norway for spring, summer and fall we have 5 month only...the rest of the year is winter! Seems that I have to change my place to Porugal:-)))
    Thanks for all you comments Delio!
    Friendly regards

  • Tania Skaradek 09/21/2013 13:48

    A lot of thanks Del-Hor!
    I like that you like this picture:-)
    Have a nice weekend!
    Best regards
  • Tania Skaradek 07/22/2013 9:09

    Thank you so much Del-Hor for nice comments!
    Have a nice week:-)
    Best regards
  • Silvana W. 07/20/2013 23:05

    Many thanks for all your comments ¡
    Have a nice sunday
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Most of the times, imagination and creativity.
Optio S
Cell phone Galaxy S3
Canon EOS 600 D / 650 D