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Since 1976 photography is one of my prior passions. Starting up in a photo club and studying the works of famous photographers helped me to improve my results from time to time. In between I attended weekend workshops of professional photographers and teachers. As “black & white” fascinated me more and more an own dark room was the place to develop my ideas. Here after I started creating audio visual projects. All this stopped more or less when our family grew and so I only made some snapshots of my family – for the album.

Years ago I made my first small step in digital photography and discovered the endless creativity of this new technic. Since mid of 2008, after buying a DSLR which fits to all my good lenses from the analoge time, I launched a new start in this wonderful hobby.

Exhibitions and projects:

==> October 25th to December 19th 2009 : Photoexhibition in the local museum "Handwerk Ganz Nah" ("Closeup on Handcrafts")

==> Sept/Oct. 2010: The results of many months of work (more than 3.500 photos) end up in a 40-page publication of the work of the local Music School Düren celebrating it's 40 year anniverserary including a small photo exhibition.

==> Starting mid Nov.2011 I was am involved in a larger photography project in cooperation with the local museum. The exhibition (May 6th 2012- August 26th) was dedicated to the work of Christa Schmitt, a ceramic artist, including photo-journalistic and -documentary work from my side.

==> In September 2012 I was asked to document the the project "9-99 Das Orchester" which is supported by a trust. Here young and old musicians together play in an orchestra and are accompanied by prof. musicians and teachers. Additional commission on this topic for the H.Quandt trust, Berlin.

==> February 2013: Lecturer for a weekend photography workshop at our local museum

==> Oct. 5th - Oct. 27th 2013 exhibition. "I Can See The Music" in "Schloss Burg, Düren" together with 2 other painters. I'm participating with 50 photos mostly known from my folder "Music & Concerts".

After the last exhibition I had to promise my wife to have a 12 month break on exhibitions.

==> Sept.- Nov. 2014 Assignment with the local museum

So if you are curious - have a look at my work....

Please accept that I will not reply back and thank for every comment you write considering my photos - this can be a lot... I would like to spend this time writing my comments for your photos...

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