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Welcome, nice that you are taking some time to visit my profile...

Since 1976 photography is one of my prior passions. Starting up in a photo club and studying the works of famous photographers helped me to improve my results from time to time. In between I attended weekend workshops of professional photographers and teachers. As “black & white” fascinated me more and more an own dark room was the place to develop my ideas. Here after I started creating audio visual projects. All this stopped more or less when our family grew and so I only made some snapshots of my family – for the album.

Years ago I made my first small step in digital photography and discovered the endless creativity of this new technic. Since mid of 2008, after buying a DSLR which fits to all my good lenses from the analoge time, I launched a new start in this wonderful hobby.

Exhibitions and projects:

==> October 25th to December 19th 2009 : Photoexhibition in the local museum "Handwerk Ganz Nah" ("Closeup on Handcrafts")

==> Sept/Oct. 2010: The results of many months of work (more than 3.500 photos) end up in a 40-page publication of the work of the local Music School Düren celebrating it's 40 year anniverserary including a small photo exhibition.

==> Starting mid Nov.2011 I was am involved in a larger photography project in cooperation with the local museum. The exhibition (May 6th 2012- August 26th) was dedicated to the work of Christa Schmitt, a ceramic artist, including photo-journalistic and -documentary work from my side.

==> In September 2012 I was asked to document the the project "9-99 Das Orchester" which is supported by a trust. Here young and old musicians together play in an orchestra and are accompanied by prof. musicians and teachers. Additional comission on this topic for the H.Quandt trust, Berlin.

==> February 2013: Lecturer for a weekend photography workshop at our local museum

==> Oct. 5th - Oct. 27th 2013 exhibition. "I Can See The Music" in "Schloss Burg, Düren" together with 2 other painters. I'm participating with 50 photos mostly known from my folder "Music & Concerts".

After the last exhibition I had to promise my wife to have a 12 month break on exhibitions.

==> March 2014 : Lecturer for a weekend photography workshop at our local

So if you are curious - have a look at my work....

Please accept that I will not reply back and thank for every comment you write considering my photos - this can be a lot... I would like to spend this time writing my comments for your photos...

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  • Carlos García Jiménez Carlos García Jiménez , 22.04.14

    Hello Berthold

    Thanks a lot for your kind visit and nice comments, I feel honored ..


  • Tad Kanazaki Tad Kanazaki , 13.04.14

    SAKURA-2014-3 SAKURA-2014-3 Tad Kanazaki 09.04.14 1

    Thank you for your visit and comments.
    BW Tad.K

  • Carlos García Jiménez Carlos García Jiménez , 05.04.14

    Thanks Berthold, I'm fine I live far away from that earthquakes..3,000 kns South, I owe you a reply that will send whenever i got the time enough.!!

    Thanks a lot dear Berthold.

  • Carlos García Jiménez Carlos García Jiménez , 01.03.14

    Thanks Berthold

    In fact is a farewell piture to a friend that passed away..days ago.


  • Carlos García Jiménez Carlos García Jiménez , 22.02.14

    Thanks for your cheerful comment in fact I've posted at least 3 different my friend too..:)


  • Gabriela Pacea Gabriela Pacea , 08.02.14

    I am totally impressed. Congratulations!

  • Tad Kanazaki Tad Kanazaki , 08.02.14

    180degree[162] 180degree[162] Tad Kanazaki 27.01.14 2

    Thank you for your many comments.
    I think I would like to challenge things,many things, including this series.

  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 07.02.14

    thank you so much for your latest nice comments, Berthold - and for your good suggestion .... yes, the picture looks better cropped on the left - it's just that I wanted the Lotto 649 and 3 Million $$ win to be in the picture (because of the start of the Chinese New Year and symbolism of good luck).[fc-foto
    best wishes for your weekend,

    In China - Town In China - Town Adele Oliver 06.02.14 33

  • Owen McLeod Owen McLeod , 04.02.14

    Painted Ladies Painted Ladies Owen McLeod 03.02.14 4 Artemis Racing Artemis Racing Owen McLeod 02.02.14 2 San Francisco Port San Francisco Port Owen McLeod 26.01.14 3 Bay Bridge - San Francisco Bay Bridge - San Fra… Owen McLeod 25.01.14 2 Roman Ruins Roman Ruins Owen McLeod 26.01.14 1

    Thank you Sir for taking the time to provide feedback on my photography.

  • Carlos García Jiménez Carlos García Jiménez , 03.02.14

    Thanks many Berthold

    About the sky, is just like you say, at first sight looks an easy shot, but when shooting..many problems arises, the earth's rotation, the proper ISO aperture, lots of things..I use to do stargazing, either photography or just using my binoculars on a tripod..the problem when you go into a deeper zone all looks the same so you must picture it to obtain a colorful sight..that's why astronomers use high resolution screens and pictures to ascertain how it looks the chance when child to visit on of the many observatories at our North , I went to "Cerro Tololo" and "La silla" observatories the first from ESO and the second is American, we were visitors so we observed every step of the observation, the problem was that it was a sunny day, no direct obsevation but we was gifted with several huge color pictures, I'm getting back to the 70's..cause like this ,when at my country to develope a diapo was a drama in three acts..:)

    Best wishes

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