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I am a photographer based in Berlin. I have a studio in Kreuzberg near Moritz platz and i welcome collaborations with interesting people.
Vincent Barker

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  • John Willems John Willems , 24.04.13

    Fantastic range of images!!

  • Dr. Labude Dr. Labude , 30.01.13

    Thank you Vince!

    These were so funny men. They were really having fun. The light was crazy. All greenish colors around and harsh neon light. I thought it must look awful but I like it.

    Napoli. Salone. Napoli. Salone. Dr. Labude 26.11.12 9

  • 'MM' 'MM' , 16.08.12


    Thank you for the proposal. I'm very happy you consider the photograph for the gallery.



  • Dr. Labude Dr. Labude , 08.04.12

    Ich setze dich heimlich auf orange, damit ich hier keine Neuigkeiten verpasse. Grüße aus Charlottenburg.

  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 09.06.11

    Thank you so much for your visit and kind comments - a surprise to find a comment under a relatively old Antarctic image. Antarctica is actually closer to Berlin than to Vancouver - hope you'll make it one day.
    You have great portraits in your gallery - wish I was a better judge of them!!!
    best wishes, Adele

  • Svetoslav Gospodinov Svetoslav Gospodinov , 24.05.11

    Wilkommen bei fotocommunity, Vincent!!!
    Ich wünsche dir tolles Licht und Inspiration
    für deine Bilder!!!!

    Beste Grüße


  • Adele Oliver Adele Oliver , 23.05.11

    and welcome to our big family !!!! I am glad you found your way to Fotocommunity and I am sure you will enjoy showing us your images and looking at photos of other photographers. I wish you much fun and many new friends!!!
    greetings, Adele

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