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  • Simay Aydin Simay Aydin , 22.02.10

    your welcome
    they're all great :)

  • Stefan S. Mosley Stefan S. Mosley , 22.12.08

    A Happy and Prosperous New Year to All My Friends at Fotocommunity A Happy and Prosper… Stefan S. Mosley 06.12.08 63

  • Fredrick Steven Adam Fredrick Steven Adam , 07.02.08

    Thanks for the comment, Ruskin.
    Best wishes to you and to your brother's safe return from a war based on our leadership's lies and deceit...

  • Krzysztof Krzemien Krzysztof Krzemien , 19.01.08

    Thank you for your comment on my picture:-)

  • Jorge Pérez Carsí Jorge Pérez Carsí , 16.01.08

    Thanks for your comment Ruskin.
    (this is a pic from the moon with PS edition...)

  • Hengshun Man Hengshun Man , 14.12.07

    thank you Ruskin for your support. it's much appreciated.
    best wishes for your holiday season.

  • mariam mariam , 01.06.07

    thank u..:))

  • Dianna Tilley Dianna Tilley , 24.05.07

    Thanks for the comments on the bridge. I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

  • Vitaly Sarwir Vitaly Sarwir , 22.05.07

    Hi Ruskin!
    thanks a lot for all your comments!!!
    it is electric lamp in my garage!

  • Randy Rhoads Randy Rhoads , 14.04.07

    Hi Ruskin!
    Thank you for comment.Nice photos:)


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