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Péter Csepely

Free Member, Érd

About me

To catch, to captivate lights, forms, moments, views. This is my hobby whit a normal outfit. I like not just take pictures but keep looking at other's photos as well.

Comments 64

  • Silvana W. 01/05/2015 23:53

  • Ali Mehrvarz 03/13/2014 19:56

    Nice picture,
    Thank you for your comments.
    Be happy
  • Rina . 12/31/2014 19:50

    Peter! Happy New Year!!! My very best wishes to you and your family! Irina
  • Silvana W. 12/22/2013 22:50

    All the best to you and your family,dear Péter*
    a hug ¡ :-)
  • Silvana W. 07/30/2013 22:22

    Many thanks,Péter ¡
    I hope,you are ok ¡
    Best wishes
  • Rina . 07/30/2013 10:50

    Peter,it was nice to hear from you! thank you and my best wishes! Irina.
  • Silvana W. 01/04/2013 0:02

    Many thanks,Peter ¡¡
    all the best for you
  • Sue Thompson 01/03/2013 9:15

    Hi Peter, many thanks for your comment here.......tese are the colours as I took the shot......a natural monotone :))

    Happyt New Year

  • viola d 01/01/2013 14:39

    Hello, Peter,
    Thank you for the invitation:)
    Best wishes in New Year.
  • Rina . 12/31/2013 16:02

    Peter! Happy New 2013 Year to you and your family! With best wishes, Irina.
  • Silvana W. 12/31/2013 14:15

    I wish you and your family ,all the best and a Wonderful New Year 2013,Peter ¡
  • Silvana W. 12/29/2012 22:17

    Many thanks for all your comments,Peter ¡
    I wish you,all the best for the New Year 2013**
  • arttherapist09 12/29/2012 12:23

    thank You, Peter!!! I wish you happy new Year!!!
  • viola d 12/27/2012 14:50

    Wish you happiness in 2013.
    Hugs, Viola
  • Silvana W. 12/22/2012 22:32

    Many thanks for all your comments,Peter ¡
    I wish You and Your loved ones nice Christmas and happy New year!
  • Janos Gardonyi 12/22/2012 18:23

  • Elvina Benoist 12/02/2012 19:03

    Merci du passage Péter - amitiés, Elvi
  • arttherapist09 11/15/2012 15:51

    Peter, thank you! Your comments are always appreciated!!! Svetlana.
  • Rina . 11/12/2012 12:02

    Peter, thank you for your attention! I'm always glad to read your comments! Rina
  • silvermist 11/11/2012 23:44

    Thank you so much,Péter! necklace....That's right!!
  • poorboytommy 11/11/2012 23:36

    Sok köszönet Peter a kedves szavakat az én festmény.
    cia Tommy
  • Elvina Benoist 11/11/2012 22:08

    Köszönöm szépen Péter ! üdv. Elvi
  • Janos Gardonyi 11/11/2012 21:45

    Kedves Peter, vegtelenul kedves vagy hogy ennyi kommentet hagytal nekem es milyen jo, ertelmes dolgokat, mivel te szakerto vagy M.O-ggal kapcsolatban. I really didn't want to make you feel guilty or obligated! Hat ha igy velekedsz a kepeimrol akkor mar legyunk mi is baratok, so I'll send you 'friend request'. (Volos az szinten barat, Baracsa Sanyi bacsi) elore is koszonom. Jancsi
  • Janos Gardonyi 11/11/2012 19:10

    Peter, it shows that you visited my site but left no comments. I wonder why is that?

    Magyarul: Peter, te meglatogattal engem, de semmi nyomot nem hagytal. Talan olyan rosszak a kepeim?
    Vagy te magyaroknak nem adsz kommentet? Na jo, akkor talan maskor, mikor mar megkozelitem a te
    szinvonaladat. Addig is 'jo estet' Canadabol. Jancsi
  • Silvana W. 11/08/2012 1:19

    Many thanks,Péter ¡¡
    I,m happy to see you again
    Best wishes
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