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Robert van der Sanden

Free Member, Hooge Mierde


Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama

Canon F1n, 200mm, Kodak Portra 160NC

On my road towards fine art photography, I wonder what feeling this picture gives to the viewer. Is this something you would hang on your wall? Any thoughts about that are appreciated.

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  • Maria Kyselicova 09/19/2006 18:43

    so einfach, so farbig, so ruhig...
  • Li-Jiao Sauder-Lu 08/05/2006 13:58

    Nice colorful leafs...
    Regards, lj
  • Robert van der Sanden 05/19/2006 19:35

    @Detlef: thanks for sharing your thought. I will play with your idea and see how that works out.
  • Detlef Klahm 05/19/2006 14:19

    This is an interesting image...full of new life...unspoiled by mans hand.
    one of the things I find very distracting here is the bright background. though the main trunk is interesting but does not really hold you there. the eye wanders around.
    what if you would have closed in on the new growth and the trunk as a macro shot?
    just another opinion, another thought. Keep up the good work !
  • Robert van der Sanden 04/27/2006 17:33

    OK, I'll get in touch with you outside fc.
  • Laki K. 04/26/2006 20:29

    hi robert, that would be nice to get a copy of it ;-) but to make things easier it would be enough to email me a bigger file so i would print it out here, just if you dont mind ;-)

  • Robert van der Sanden 04/25/2006 20:56

    Thanks Laki! I can always send you a copy :-)
  • Laki K. 04/25/2006 20:29

    definately a photo which i would hang on my wall, on the opposite wall of my desk. very nice colors, good crop and the bokeh is very nice.

  • Robert van der Sanden 04/20/2006 20:33

    Thanks Mark, that's a very positive and assuring message.

    Reading all your remarks I feel I best follow the path and have faith in the outcome. I guess artistic skills will need time to mature, like a good wine.
    ...mmm, a dark beer will do...
  • MWPhoto 04/20/2006 20:07

    Robert, I just want to comment on the "would you hang it on the wall" test, because that was my first impulse when I saw this picture: I can easily envision it on my wall at work (a modern professional office, where serenity is valued) but not at home (a hobbit's hole of antiques!). So the "wall" test depends on which wall!
    I think it is a very fine photo. I would have a nice Burgundy with it. Cheers.
  • Robert van der Sanden 04/20/2006 19:32

    Thank you all for your constructive comments!
    @Ruud: sure, some people like a heavy Bordeaux wine, others prefer a lighter South African wine. But all want a good wine. I like to reach an artistic quality in fine art photography that will make people (who like the subject) want to hang the picture on their wall. My last four uploads should be an example of the sort of work I have in mind, where this particular picture is not the best one.
    On the path towards that goal I sometimes feel pretty uncertain what it takes to really move people with the pictures I take. I guess that process takes time.
    I really appreciate the support you all gave me so far.
    Warm wishes,
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 04/20/2006 15:25

    I think those dark parts in the background which are not in good harmony with the closest trunk especially in color performance, and yes they are a little of distraction. The view however looks pretty good and pleases me.
  • Robert van der Sanden 04/20/2006 8:19

    Good point, at first I thought the trunk at the left was needed to create some balance in the shot but I will play with a different crop.
    Question: even with that point fixed, would anyone hang this on their wall and enjoy it? Honest answer (no hard feelings...)?
  • Robert van der Sanden 04/19/2006 22:23

    Thanks Debbie for your thoughts. I get what you mean and I will give your idea of darkening a try.
  • Robert van der Sanden 04/11/2006 20:11

    thanks :-)