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Elizabeth Heather Dew

Free Member, Port Macquarie

SPIRIT ISLAND. 'The Spirit of Spirit Island'

Taken 2004 Canada .Alberta On the Rockies Beautiful spot.
I have won an International award for a similar picture.Now in a book.

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  • Elaine Erskine 04/15/2009 10:31

    So peaceful. I'd like to Kayak acrotoss that still water to the island and soak it all up. .
  • Neil Auty 05/31/2007 22:21

    over-exposed sky with detail in lake showing what could be, -ve needs more work.
  • Vesela Maleeva 05/31/2007 22:21

  • Heiko Herrmann (HHE) 05/31/2007 22:21

    nice postcard. no - postcards usually are even advanced (sky, brightness, colors, contrast, color saturation) sorry: con
  • Alfred Spectrum 05/31/2007 22:21

    With some more work, and a reload, who knows... for now contra though.
  • Tom McAlexander 05/31/2007 22:21

  • Pascal Viyer 05/31/2007 22:21

  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 05/31/2007 22:21

    the sky needs to be darker.
    amazing reflections and composition but i also agree about the colour sort of looks like you have drained the saturation out of the landscape.
    plus people wont say anything but the whole self proposing thing people dont like.
    i really like this shot a few minor flaws could be fixed and you could have a pro on your hands
    sorry this time contra
  • Robyn Raggio 05/31/2007 22:21

    This has potential, but the washed out nature of the exposure and the lack of density due to that exposure has me voting contra. Lovely in composition and elemental appeal, but not quite gallery.
  • Patrick B. Parenteau 05/31/2007 22:21

    In additon to the over exposure, I think there are too many elements in the shot, a common problem when documenting the rocky mountains. You are on the right track. contra
  • Cees Kuijs 05/31/2007 22:21

    Have to agree about the over-exposure.
  • ivano cheli (2) 05/31/2007 22:21

  • Darinka Mladenovic 05/31/2007 22:21

    Nice ! PRO
  • Michael Henderson 05/31/2007 22:21

  • Véronique Soulier 05/31/2007 22:21

    Miss contrast and sky.. sorry -
  • Nicole Zuber 05/31/2007 22:21

  • Dave Donaldson 05/31/2007 22:21

  • ~Merlin~ 05/31/2007 22:21

  • MWPhoto 05/31/2007 22:21

    Heather, I wish to expand on something Robert touched on - the color does seem unsaturated on a computer monitor, even though the print may be perfect. Both Nikon and Canon digital SLR's often benefit from some judicious curve editing when the final product is an 8 bit JPEG image in the RGB colorspace on a computer display. Nothing to detract from the photo, which is lovely, but to perhaps explain some of the gallery voting mentality around here. Welcome, by the way!
  • Robert Riley 05/31/2007 22:21

    Could have been exceptional; but there is no depth to the colour, it looks washed out! I suggest you revisit, make the colours more saturated, maybe sharpen a bit.

    This time Contra.
  • Geoff Ashton 05/31/2007 22:21

  • Abdul Khaliq 05/31/2007 22:21

  • Elizabeth Heather Dew 05/31/2007 22:21

    Reflections in poor light making it a soft picture
  • Francesco Margarita 05/25/2007 14:02

    Brava bellissima fofo.
    Ciao Francesco Italy
  • goran jerkovic 05/18/2007 12:22

    i like this, it looks like somekind of dreamland..great,,

    Best regards!!