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sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

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  • Cees Kuijs 02/03/2007 19:02

  • Alexandra Baltog 02/03/2007 19:02

  • Patrick B. Parenteau 02/03/2007 19:02

    @ Lucas -
    I wasn't judging you Lucas, I was just curious if she saw the image and approved it for release to the general public. If she did, then there is no disrespect. For all I know, she may have laughed at the image and thought it funny.
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 02/03/2007 19:02

  • Dominique Duriot 02/03/2007 19:02

    Agree with said above
    I'm not sure she will appreciate to see her in this position,
    Maybe with a smile or not but with closed mouth would show old age also but in a better way
    sorry contra
  • When 02/03/2007 19:02

    My grandmother would smash my camera if I did this to her. I agree with Dennis, I thought it was a picture of someone in a casket at first. I don't find it respectful at all regardless of the beauty or age issue.
  • Lucas Witkowski 02/03/2007 19:02

    I really appreciate all your comments. I just don't think this particular photo is disgreaceful. Thats all. I don't mind judging photo by you or anyone. I only don't like judging me.

    Another thing is that i didn't want to show that being old is beautiful. It's hard and painful and that i wanted to show.
  • Dennis Veldman 02/03/2007 19:02

    Being old not always is something happy and beautiful.

    it doesnt have to look happy and beautiful.

    at least do something that would make her happy!

    If you cant handle comments like mine, patricks or anyone else. you have chosen the wrong community.
    pics like this are bound to get comments like our, especially in voting, and in voting we are allowed to say whatever we want because we have to really judge a photograph here Lucas..

    Sorry for you, but its the truth..

    i would redo the photo (if its possible)
    but then, dress her up, make her beautiful and a photo grandma will be proud of.

    thats what i would do if i could.

  • Lucas Witkowski 02/03/2007 19:02

    I'm very sorry Patrick but please do not give an opinion about how and when or if this shot is disrespectful or not. With all do respect that's not your problem. Judge only picture not me. Thank You and regards. Luc.

    PS. She's my Grandmother btw at the end of her road. Doesn't look beautiful but here you go. Being old not always is something happy and beautiful.
  • Patrick B. Parenteau 02/03/2007 19:02

    I would be curious to know if she signed a release for this image and the circumstances in which it was taken. The impression I get is one of disrespect for the subject. In regards to the image. there are some technical issues and I see nothing special in the composition to warrant a gallery position. Contra.
  • Radim Spitzer 02/03/2007 19:02

  • Sergio Pessolano 02/03/2007 19:02

    I watched this image for a long time: it made me thinking a lot. Pro for this.
  • Olivier Vanbiervliet 02/03/2007 19:02

    Technically very good b/w, just hindered by the burned spot in the hair on the left. However, I feel that this portrait is way too contrasty for this subject, I would suggest a very soft portrait instead of this hard one.
  • Claude Coeudevez 02/03/2007 19:02

  • Dennis Veldman 02/03/2007 19:02

    this is a vision that i dont like to see.. its as if im looking at this women while she is in a casket.. thats not nice..

    no, sorry.
    even if its real life, i dont like to see it