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Robert Riley

Basic Member, London


Sculpture made by my daughter for her Graduation. John Moore suggested last year that I photograph it and post.

Thanks for the recommendation John!

And thanks to Ivano for this recommendation!

I like it.

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  • Hermann Klecker 04/15/2007 23:35

  • Ivano Cheli (1) 04/06/2007 10:49

  • BRYAN CRUTE 04/05/2007 21:08

    Most things are well covered in all the above comments so i will only add this is art !
    Pro for me.
  • Christian Knospe 04/05/2007 21:07

  • Dennis Maloney 04/05/2007 21:07

    Well...I am not an expert in photographic or artistic excellance, and I am not even sure that I can tell you exactlly why I like it so much, but, I do, and that is why I vote a ...Pro...

    I think this sculpture started out as a smile, and only turned to a screem half way through the voting :-})))
  • Robert Riley 04/05/2007 21:07

    And thanks for taking me off ignore Detlef, but please be assured that I never had you on ignore.
  • Detlef Lampe 04/05/2007 21:07

    @ Patrick. Robert, the advocate... *lol* That's what he wrote this morning by FM: Apologise in the Voting,, and I will not take any further action

    @ Mr. Riley. Thanks for being no longer on ignore...
  • Robert Riley 04/05/2007 21:07

    Let me say that I do not have Detlef on Ignore. Quite the contrary, he has had me on ignore for some time!

    I have just checked agaim. and DETLEF IS NOT ON IGNORE FROM ME!

    He must be being untruthful, or trying to make a point that only he understands!
  • Robyn Raggio 04/05/2007 21:07

    Although a very good representation of a very fine sculpture, the photo itself does not grab my attention for it's own merits of singular interest. It is a record of another individual's artistic expression. And because of that I choose to skip. Now if you had included your daughter and presented it as a portrait of an artist and her work, then there would be a bridge between the work of the father and the daughter that would exhibit more of your own capabilities as well as providing a great PR piece for her. Just a suggestion. ;-)
  • Patrick B. Parenteau 04/05/2007 21:07

    Well, Robert must be having some mixed emotions right now. We all know that he is an advocate of people leaving comments in the gallery voting section and the response in this thread has been prolific and insightful. Well done.

    However, IF Deitlef has been intentionally put on ignore by Robert because he voted contra, then what will motivate people to participate in the future?

    In regards to the photo I think is is a very good product shot but the lighting could have been a lot more dramatic and creative in order to give the sculpture some life - a reason to scream. contra
  • Detlef Lampe 04/05/2007 21:07

    Nice promotion postcard...contra.
    edit 04.04.2007, 12:48h. I've got my first igno...cause I said contra. Congrats, Robert!!! But that doesn't change anything: It's a no-gallery-shot of an outstanding sculpture.
  • KasiaD 04/05/2007 21:07

    I was in two minds - though I very much admire the sculpture and shot. Scarily, I went through some thought processes described so well by Maguire... Only thing to add other than PRO - I'd prefer a slightly more generous crop to the right. Kathryn
  • Claude Coeudevez 04/05/2007 21:07

  • Darinka Mladenovic 04/05/2007 21:07

    pro +++++++++
  • Robert L. Roux 04/05/2007 21:07

    dramatic and truly eye-catching
    sculpture and photo -
    an artist could
    hardly want more ...
    P R O
  • Geoff Ashton 04/05/2007 21:07

    hum i have a problem with this one
    i don´t like the sculpture any
    it´s a matter of taste
    technikaly i find the foto a little tightly croped on the right but still verry good so hum
  • Robert Riley 04/05/2007 21:07

    Roberto, thanks for your comment. It is in 'Abstract' because one definition in the Chamber 20th Century Dictionary is:

    'that which represents the essence...'

    To me that is just what the Photo says.

    There is no white in the shot, it was taken in bright daylight.
  • Roberto Grilli 04/05/2007 21:07

    I will go for contra for few reasons.
    - if it is the photo of product / sculpture, it should not have white reflections (I would use gold background umbrella),
    - if the sculpture is used as object for showing the artist feelings, something missing there... some additions...
    - can not see why it is in abstract section. The photo is not.
    Sorry Robert!
  • r o l f WENGENroth 04/05/2007 21:07

  • dieterDIETRICH 04/05/2007 21:07

  • Stefan S. Mosley 04/05/2007 21:07

  • Kerstin Rösler 04/05/2007 21:07

  • Seagaul 04/05/2007 21:07

  • Véronique Soulier 04/05/2007 21:07

    Eddie is a great eye first of all and a good lawyer in this chat, in a much better english than mine ;-) I just add : pro
  • When 04/05/2007 21:07

    I came back after a couple of days. The previous comments had my head going for a few days. I have to give it to Maguire, was pretty much everything I was going to say. Only one thing different, it should have been under the catagory "product or commercial" as it is an excellent example of what a gallery or art catalog would strive for. I really was riled about this concept that every picture has to tell a story or be artistic, there are many different uses for photography, and one of them involves the photographer presenting the item in the best light without interjecting his personality. This is one of the times that great lighting, exposure and sharpness are of utmost importance.

    I give it you you for another thing Maguire - reversing Ruud's decision. He's a hard man to convince when he makes up his mind. Made me smile until my face hurt.

    Nice job Robert. Beautiful sculpture. What is the medium? She should be selling it, reproducing it, and if she is let me know.

    - oh, and no, taking a picture of another artist's work is not a copyright violation, but selling the photograph of a work of art without the artist's authorization can be a violation. The SAM (Seattle Art Museum) here in Seattle just recently went through the issue with the local photography group that I'm involved with.



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