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Ice Fringe - Eisvorhang

Ice Fringe - Eisvorhang

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Ice Fringe - Eisvorhang

Taken on a very cold winter's day last year. The sun was fighting against the fog, giving everything a soft, reddish tinge. The icicles were formed by the different levels of the river as it passed through.

Taking it now I would have done the DOF differently. Any other tips for the future or for different processing (tonal values, slight sharpening, slight crop, contrast)?

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  • Dave Donaldson 02/14/2007 11:35

    Love it unusual icicles , great crispness , and superb reflections in the water ...
  • Geoff Ashton 02/09/2007 18:42

    i likethis one
    think i would of left it this way too
    cheers geoff
  • Maguire 02/09/2007 14:07

    Pergnant with winter. A wonderful composition.
  • Ruth Hutsteiner 02/09/2007 7:17

    Solch einen tollen Anblick werden wir wohl diesen Winter nicht zu Gesicht bekommen.
    Eine wahre Eissinfonie.
  • Michael Henderson 02/09/2007 0:37

    Very nice. I love this types of Ice crystals. Beautiful.

  • KasiaD 02/08/2007 22:46

    @Jim, thanks! I thought adjusting the DOF might make icicles in the foreground and background a little sharper without distracting, but may be right. I'll have to experiment when I have the chance.
    @Robyn, thank you for your appraisal, I really appreciate your time and ideas! . I mostly thank Mother Nature;-)
    @Daren, come over next time it's icy and cold - no HP or square sausage I'm afraid.
  • Daren Borzynski 02/08/2007 22:42

    Brilliant image.!!
    Great work to capture it.

  • KasiaD 02/08/2007 22:39

    @Doro, Marguerite, danke!
    @Bryan, it was a first for me too! and spent ages at sub-zero temperatures to capture the impressions. I was standing at less than 90° angle to the shot - on a "beach" which is usually covered in summer.
  • Marguerite L. 02/08/2007 22:37

    Himmlische Glockenklänge bei bezauberndem Licht.
    Grüessli Marguerite
  • Robyn Raggio 02/08/2007 22:29

    This is a stunning image. The diagonal presentation and it's slight but effective diminishing perspective adds to the presentation. Reflections are supportive, illusory and quite graphic. Very nice collaborative work between you and mother nature.
  • Jim McKinniss 02/08/2007 22:17

    This is quite beautiful. Your light capture is well done as is your composition. I'm not sure adjusting the DOF (I assume you would make it deeper) would improve the image since the main focal point is the snow and ice in the FG. A deeper DOF would only bring the BG more to the viewer's attention and distract from the FG.

  • BRYAN CRUTE 02/08/2007 22:16

    Never seen ice like this, its as if each one has been hand carved.
    Well seen and captured.
    Question:- Where were you standing to take this shot.
    It looks like you must have been in the water ?
  • DoroS 02/08/2007 22:10

    Das ist ein wunderschönes Eisbild mit den einzelnen Zapfen,sieht wirklich wie ein Vorhang aus.
    LG Doro
  • KasiaD 02/08/2007 22:03

    @MJ, then let's exchange your wonderful Atlantic location for my Munich one, at least virtually;-)
  • Maria João Arcanjo 02/08/2007 21:42

    Kathryn you had the previlege to see such a beautiful view...I only have the oportunity through photos like this and in my dreams.