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Dirk Hofmann

World Member, Eitorf

Carnival 2006

My daughter and me ... guess what costume i wear ... :-)

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  • Dragomir Vukovic 11/25/2006 1:29

    open ###
  • Jordan Bussell 10/21/2006 11:44

    wow, i never thought a kid could be more cute than a stuffed elephant but she totally upstages the poor thing! haha. really interesting shot though. eyecatching. maybe you could giv me some tips on my photos? would be much appreciated.
  • Bianca Ennes 10/21/2006 1:30

    Amazing work. of course that the fact that your doughter is sooooo cute helped :P hahahahaha
    Kidding, lovely pic!
  • Wayne Tsipouras 10/16/2006 16:37

    Beautiful expression, happy memories, well done.

  • Maria Mylona 10/11/2006 16:07

    woow what a beautiful girl.
    Great shot.
  • Michael Vlavianos 10/05/2006 18:38

    This one looks a lot like CoTTONY LoVE only it is more clear.
    I like this one
  • Rob Bennett 09/03/2006 0:37

    gorgeous girl and photograph. another for the gallery.
  • MelanCHOLie 07/14/2006 22:31

    whatta sweet girl :)
  • Jess Pasco 07/07/2006 18:47

    Sooo cute!!! Great model!
    Very nice work.

  • Renato T. 06/17/2006 20:36

    Ein wundershönes Portrait!
  • CHEYENNE B. 05/20/2006 0:01

    Very cute little princess - well done - great pic!
    ;0) Cheyenne
  • Alex Fuchs 05/09/2006 0:01

    She speaks - I am your queen! The woman inside of the girl. Very interesting work!
  • Véronique Soulier 03/13/2006 10:09

    lovely... and this diamond on her check, does it say.. love me father ? ( like " les mouches" on pretty ladies in the 18° )
    touching picture
    cheers Véronique
  • Helmut Schadt 03/12/2006 13:41

    dear dirk,
    having such a handsome father, no wonder how beautiful the daughter must turn out........but i guess conny too contributed a, a superstar must have been borne!!!
    me happy that at least very rarely still coming pictures of you up here. ........guess in the last time you were very busy to help clear here the fc of infamous terrorists with this mentioned chainsaw ;-)). now after this job almost finished I hope to see more of your work in the future.
    have a nice day, regards to conny too,
  • Fredl G. 03/05/2006 19:43

  • Conny Hofmann 03/04/2006 10:20

    thank you karl :-)
  • Massimo Carolla 02/28/2006 22:47

    very beautiful image
  • Karl Makkina 02/28/2006 21:38

    Wonderful !!
    funny picture, i love it
    you have got a pretty daughter
    congrat' to the mother for the make up !!
    friendly, Karl
  • beatrix bistiakova 02/28/2006 18:24

  • Sergio Pessolano 02/28/2006 15:38

    Lovely image very well cropped.
  • Valfoto 02/28/2006 11:34

    I agree with you Dirk, it's too much difficult convince a girl on some things ;-))))))))))
    I have two............
  • Dirk Hofmann 02/27/2006 21:27

    tststs ... yasemin ... it's carnival ... and if you have a three year old sitting in front of you you will pretty fast realize that you can't convince her that other things look better ... ;-)

    rike - believe me: my chainsaw can be convincing too ... ;-) ... forget about that melting things ... actually i will avoid looking into her eys ... ;-))

    now you said it ... promise ... i will nail you down on this one ... ;-)
  • Rike Bach 02/27/2006 20:57

    *ggg*... believe me 'Dad'... a girl can be very convincing - and I mean VERY - when it comes to get to know guys... and I imagine her, giving her Dad a hear-melting look... her eyelashes twinkling... you will melt like ice in the sun...

    And hey, no need for threatning comments - I will come and visit you - promise :)
  • Dirk Hofmann 02/27/2006 20:16

    well, andreas ... we worked with her on "alaaf", "kamelle" and "bützje" today ... ;-)

    mardi gras ... yes, you're right ... but i guess it won't be the same as it was before the water came ...

    do you know whether they have mardi gras in alabama?

    rike ... please ... open your thoughts to us ... but don't forget: we will meet one day and conny wouldn't be able to protect you then ... ;-))))

    rike, you're misunderstanding the situation ... imagine those mind-twisted guys meet her dad for the first time ... hehehe ... dad, wearing his (ice-)hockey-mask, swingin' that chain-saw around ... ;-)))
  • Rike Bach 02/27/2006 20:11

    sorry Dirk - I don't wanna tell you what my first thought was when I read the text... *gggg*

    she's cute - and I bet her Mom put the make-up on ;) And I know that she will turn the poor guys heads when she's old enough to... *g* Poor Dad :)



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