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Back Porch Decision by Susi Lawson Susi

Back Porch Decision 


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10.07.2006 at 7:58h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
Taken at a Blue Grass festival, this gentleman was waiting at the edge of the stage. Took this with the canon 200 f/2.8 prime lens.


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Jürgen Köck, 10.07.2006 at 8:02h

a fine portrait
lg jürgen

Susi Lawson Susi, 10.07.2006 at 8:05h


Leo_nid, 10.07.2006 at 8:48h

Fine job!

don ricchilino, 10.07.2006 at 17:32h

very well!

Herman Weber, 10.07.2006 at 23:02h

Susi, I love this perfect portrait....I can read the book of
life on the face of this man....

PINDORIUS, 10.07.2006 at 23:17h

amazing job

Susi Lawson Susi, 11.07.2006 at 3:12h

Thanks so much!

Eddie Maguire, 12.07.2006 at 13:37h

Now there's a life lived.. excellent

Frank Cecconi, 5.08.2006 at 9:26h

Great portrait - lots of character and fine detail;-)

Voting Center, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 35 pro- and 15 contra-votes. Congratulations, Susi Lawson Susi :-)

Frank Cecconi, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

Just a fabulous portrait. The mood is summed up by one of the comments below - ie. you can just read the book of life on the face of this man;-)

Clà Riedi, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h


Olivier Vanbiervliet, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

I think the composition could be better: more space on our left side and less on our right side, and the pink shirt could be desaturated... but... the face is perfect, sharpness, contrast, emotion in the eyes...

Claude Coeudevez, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

Absolutely P R O

Valfoto, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h


Fredrick Adam, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

The stern gaze and creases in his face tell quite a story... I like it.

Miquel Manaut, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h


Viktoria Shorite, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

PRO , but I also agree with Oliver!

Bruno`s Pixelwork..., 26.08.2006 at 14:39h


Eddie Maguire, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

very fine work. Pro

Patrick Parenteau, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

Excellent angle and detail. I also agree with Oliver's comments as the pink shirt is a distraction, but no worries, this is still a Pro shot.

Peter Mertz, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h


Dragomir Vukovic, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h


Ivano Cheli, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h


Darinka Mladenovic, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

Super ! PRO

Theo Weijmer, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h


Jacky Kobelt, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h


Paul Grimshaw, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

I agree with Olivier.. but even though I like the shot I vote Contra because, like Olivier and some others, I see the flaws and therefore cannot hold it up as an exceptional image or the Gallery ceases to be a Gallery of exceptional images, if it hasn't already. Regards, Paul.

Ruud van der Lubben, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

Aye ! Oliver said many true things. For those things it can not be pro.

I appreciate the picture yes. But the Gallery may not be called a gallery if pictures with so many "fails" still are voted in.

Andy Pomplun, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

well I agree with Oliver too, but I totally agree. So I also come to a Pro. There has been worse pictures getting a pro, so this one should too. Here it is just hard since it is such a good photo not to mention what could have been done to make it even better.... ;)

Dark Sides, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

a wonderful living pic...i like it very much...
this face are telling million storys.
congratulations to the photograph.

Abdul Khaliq, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

Absolutely a Big Pro, every wrinkle of his face narrates a story fo life.

Cees Kuijs, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h


Geoff in Germany, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

wonder why it´s so small
but allthogh its a foto with good lighting i don´t like it beinig so tightly cut

Robert Riley, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

Well of course there are the usual detractors. For anyone to say this has flaws, needs to re-examine where they are coming from.

The majority always prevails, sometimes despite the efforts of a few, to name but two, who sometimes cannot distinguish a landscspe from a Gallery Photo.

Very disappointed with one, not surprised at all by the other.


Jutta Washington, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h


Dominique Duriot, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

For me PRO!!

Falko Seegel, 26.08.2006 at 14:39h

pro of course


Müslüm Yasargun, 26.08.2006 at 16:19h

Hii, nice portrait.

Susi Lawson Susi, 26.08.2006 at 17:26h

Thanks so much for this gallery acceptance! I actually thought the pink shirt added to the image (otherwise I know how to get rid of it:)..I liked the pink against the harshness of his face. But I don't mind criticism!
Pop Photography magazine called me recently and said this would be in their October issue, so I am very pleased with that recognition as well. Thanks to all who voted Pro (and for all comments) Much appreciation!

Paul Grimshaw, 26.08.2006 at 17:37h

Congrats Susi ... I didn't mind the pink .. mainly just the small point about the composition and otherwise a very nice shot with a great face. Regards, Paul.

Susi Lawson Susi, 26.08.2006 at 19:05h

Thanks Paul, I wanted to include his cowboy hat , hence the space on he right,which maybe cannot be seen on all monitors.

Igor Flasz, 26.08.2006 at 19:29h

beatifull photo/ congratulations....

Stefanos Lampridis, 26.08.2006 at 22:52h

Beautiful photo, well done!

Yelena Giamber, 27.08.2006 at 3:53h

very emotional, well done

Federico Fariña, 27.08.2006 at 4:41h

This picture it´s GREAT! Excellent expresion! Right moment!

Greatings / Take a look at my pictures! Want to know what do think!


Rarindra Prakarsa, 27.08.2006 at 16:11h

fantastic tone and crop
rarindra from jakarta

Jon Abbas, 27.08.2006 at 16:23h

Time, Experience, Wisdom...eyes say it all!


Pascal Viyer, 27.08.2006 at 18:53h


Jose Torre, 28.08.2006 at 20:31h

Wonderful eyes, plenty of live

Pasquale Biasco, 28.08.2006 at 22:45h


Robert Riley, 29.08.2006 at 3:34h

It is amazing how many times some people get it wrong!! Why not just look at the pic, but do not disect it like a biology lesson.

Photography is not an a exact science! The rules need to be broken, and the best shots are usually, to most of us, when the rules are not there.

Perhaps there is a tinge of jealousy here.

Robert Riley, 29.08.2006 at 3:36h

I would ask Paul to tell us where the 'flaws' are!

Susi Lawson Susi, 29.08.2006 at 15:07h

Thank you Robert :) Yes, I shoot from the hip (or the heart) rarely from the head and my motivation is one of creative expression and hopefully an image that evokes a connection with the viewer .. I thought this man had an amazing face and I wanted to capture it and share it with others who may also 'see' the reason that I took the picture share that vision. I think most artist/photographers , such as yourself, will intuitively understand this.
Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

Milan Bystron, 31.08.2006 at 16:08h

Very beautiful portrait ...

Fabio Federico, 8.09.2006 at 18:33h

Susi .. how did you get that soft lovely colors ?

Thanks .. The portait is fantastic !

Susi Lawson Susi, 8.09.2006 at 19:41h

Thanks! Used hue/ desaturation

Beatrix Bistiakova, 27.09.2006 at 13:16h


Dominik Wilkowski, 29.09.2006 at 20:04h


Henk Auwema, 3.10.2006 at 15:19h

everything is perfect in this picture. Contemplating his life?


Ink ., 12.10.2006 at 14:35h

i love the clearness ... nice shot

Marc Erpelding, 10.01.2007 at 19:08h

Fascinating portrait. Great expression. Beautiful light and DOF.
Kind regards,

Richard Byrdy, 26.01.2007 at 13:27h

very good shot, Susi


Armin Leitner (2), 28.01.2007 at 22:58h

Strolling though your beautiful pics, this is my pic !
Regards, Armin

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