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Susi Lawson Susi

Free Member, wythe

Back Porch Decision

Taken at a Blue Grass festival, this gentleman was waiting at the edge of the stage. Took this with the canon 200 f/2.8 prime lens.

Comments 58

  • Armin Leitner (2) 01/28/2007 22:58

    Strolling though your beautiful pics, this is my pic !
    Regards, Armin
  • Richard Byrdy 01/26/2007 13:27

    very good shot, Susi

  • Marc Erpelding 01/10/2007 19:08

    Fascinating portrait. Great expression. Beautiful light and DOF.
    Kind regards,
  • Ink. Ink 10/12/2006 14:35

    i love the clearness ... nice shot
  • Henk Auwema 10/03/2006 15:19

    everything is perfect in this picture. Contemplating his life?

  • Dominik Wilkowski 09/29/2006 20:04

  • beatrix bistiakova 09/27/2006 13:16

  • Susi Lawson Susi 09/08/2006 19:41

    Thanks! Used hue/ desaturation
  • Fabio Federico 09/08/2006 18:33

    Susi .. how did you get that soft lovely colors ?

    Thanks .. The portait is fantastic !
  • Milan Bystron 08/31/2006 16:08

    Very beautiful portrait ...
  • Susi Lawson Susi 08/29/2006 15:07

    Thank you Robert :) Yes, I shoot from the hip (or the heart) rarely from the head and my motivation is one of creative expression and hopefully an image that evokes a connection with the viewer .. I thought this man had an amazing face and I wanted to capture it and share it with others who may also 'see' the reason that I took the picture share that vision. I think most artist/photographers , such as yourself, will intuitively understand this.
    Thanks again for taking the time to comment.
  • Robert Riley 08/29/2006 3:36

    I would ask Paul to tell us where the 'flaws' are!
  • Robert Riley 08/29/2006 3:34

    It is amazing how many times some people get it wrong!! Why not just look at the pic, but do not disect it like a biology lesson.

    Photography is not an a exact science! The rules need to be broken, and the best shots are usually, to most of us, when the rules are not there.

    Perhaps there is a tinge of jealousy here.
  • Jose Torre 08/28/2006 20:31

    Wonderful eyes, plenty of live
  • Pascal Viyer 08/27/2006 18:53

  • Jon Abbas 08/27/2006 16:23

    Time, Experience, Wisdom...eyes say it all!

  • Rarindra Prakarsa 08/27/2006 16:11

    fantastic tone and crop
    rarindra from jakarta
  • VIERZEHN 08/27/2006 4:41

    This picture it´s GREAT! Excellent expresion! Right moment!

    Greatings / Take a look at my pictures! Want to know what do think!

  • YRG 08/27/2006 3:53

    very emotional, well done
  • Stefanos Lampridis 08/26/2006 22:52

    Beautiful photo, well done!
  • Igor Flasz 08/26/2006 19:29

    beatifull photo/ congratulations....
  • Susi Lawson Susi 08/26/2006 19:05

    Thanks Paul, I wanted to include his cowboy hat , hence the space on he right,which maybe cannot be seen on all monitors.
  • Susi Lawson Susi 08/26/2006 17:26

    Thanks so much for this gallery acceptance! I actually thought the pink shirt added to the image (otherwise I know how to get rid of it:)..I liked the pink against the harshness of his face. But I don't mind criticism!
    Pop Photography magazine called me recently and said this would be in their October issue, so I am very pleased with that recognition as well. Thanks to all who voted Pro (and for all comments) Much appreciation!
  • Müslüm Yasargun 08/26/2006 16:19

    Hii, nice portrait.
  • Seagaul 08/26/2006 14:39

    pro of course



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