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I've enjoyed photography all my life but it wasn't until I bought my Nikon Coolpix 885 that it turned into a real hobby. I joined the fc in June 2004 and the tips and criticism from all my friends throughout the world have really helped me to learn. I graduated to a Nikon D70 and then a D200 which served me faithfully on my many travels - very often in my handbag!
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Lewis Blackhouse, Arnol The photo was voted to the gallery Lewis Blackhouse, A… KasiaD 05.06.06 74
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Calm before the Storm - Ruhe vor dem Sturm The photo was voted to the gallery Calm before the Stor… KasiaD 25.10.07 97

One of the things I love about the fc is that we members can play an active role in how it develops. FC Sections that I've suggested over the years:
Zäune, Mauern, Pfosten, Masten.../Fences, Walls, Posts, masts...
Aerial photography
People in their work environment
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Check out our book "Share Your Passion" created by a group of fotocommunity buddies. Profits will go to Breast Cancer Care: www

Currently, other commitments are taking up my time so I am less active and apologise for late answers to comments or mail.

Best Kasia

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