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Mother Duck and Duckling by Fons van Swaal

Mother Duck and Duckling


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3.10.2009 at 19:40h
, License: All pictures  by the senders.
_____THANKS a lot for all the recent comments_____

**** Thank you very much Canan or proposing this image*****
My Beautiful Hometown... by Canan Oner
My Beautiful Hometown...
11.10.09, 5:32


Mark Billiau., 3.10.2009 at 19:55h

Lovely portrait of mother and child.
Excellent low pov.
Beautiful shot Fons, but another 6 months to go before we can see a scene like this again.


Bergjäger, 3.10.2009 at 19:59h

Super süss!!!!

LG Bergjäger

- Edith Vogel, 3.10.2009 at 20:10h

das ist ja süß,
absolut klasse Aufnahme,

Jörg Klüber, 3.10.2009 at 20:17h

Very well captured!
LG Jörg

Ina Kotterman, 3.10.2009 at 21:03h

Fons, a wonderfull portrait of mother and child. Very good sharpness and beautifull light.
Gr. Ko

nasim, 3.10.2009 at 21:12h

Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful image!!
I like it so much too!!
It seems they are(mother and her chick) are so happy that you take a photo of them!!!!!

Best regards,

Natalja Dralova, 3.10.2009 at 21:14h

this is terrific! Great capture!

Pippilotta09, 3.10.2009 at 21:14h

Showing us some treasures you still have on HD?
Beautiful image, perfect sharpness, very well done my friend ;-)))
Viele liebe Grüße

katy taylor, 3.10.2009 at 21:15h

ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how cute how cute how cute... what a lovely image of mummy duck with junior duck...

have a great weekend fons!

Ilidio Fernandes, 3.10.2009 at 22:09h

Wonderful , very nice capture.

Canan Oner, 3.10.2009 at 22:58h

This is one of the most beautiful, heart warming compositions I've ever seen...Superb capture of the baby & mum with amazing sharpness and colors...
If no one proposes it to the gallery before me, I will for sure when my time is up :-)))))

Angelika El., 4.10.2009 at 0:08h

Sie sehen beide allerliebst aus - eng drückt sich das Kücken an die Entenmutter. Diese hat einen solch schönen, treuen Blick - eine herrlich anrührende Szene!!! Tolle Aufnahme...


Adele Oliver, 4.10.2009 at 2:53h

Yes, it's a wonderful shot of mother and baby ... and such sharpness and fine natural colours!
cheers, Adele

s. sabine krause, 4.10.2009 at 9:14h

beautiful shot, fons! the mom looks well-fed and happy! i guess, they all do it's the shape of their bill, that cute beaky "smile" all ducks give us and the little one with the dark streak around his eyes very cute. can even spot some of his siblings, still hiding in mommy's warm feathers ; )) greetings, sabine.

bayerlein ute, 4.10.2009 at 10:09h

klasse fons! glg ute

Susanne47, 4.10.2009 at 10:18h

So süss, deine Mutter-Kind Aufnahme, bin begeistert, da ich Enten besonders gerne mag. S u p e r ! Grüessli Susanne

Michael Grotkamp, 4.10.2009 at 11:55h

heartbreaker. wahnsinnig schön. magna cum laude.

Jutta Grote, 4.10.2009 at 12:01h

Niedlich diese beiden, aber auch von dir bestens fotografiert.
LG Jutta

Judith Lay-Golly, 4.10.2009 at 12:39h

Oh, very sweet. Great.

Analoga, 4.10.2009 at 13:54h

Sehr schön mit dem kleinen Kücken.
LG Ivonne

Sally Dunn, 4.10.2009 at 17:59h

They look gorgeous together! What a little cutey, all fluffy and new!

Heinz Janovsky, 4.10.2009 at 18:54h

Entzückendes Foto von Mutter und Kind. Sehr schön.
Gruß Heinz

Kaith Kakavouli, 5.10.2009 at 12:54h toys...... !!!!!!!!!!

Tonny v Bree, 5.10.2009 at 22:48h

The mother is looking so very proud with her lovely child....Greaaat one Fons
Gr Tonny

Jean-Bernard, 6.10.2009 at 0:53h

So sweet ...
really wonderful , Fons !


Linda Herbert, 8.10.2009 at 3:21h

Another great photo! Love the baby beside the mother...very nice Fons.. ~Linda

Eli Marinova, 17.10.2009 at 23:29h


Majid mehraban, 22.10.2009 at 20:53h

lovely cute duck,great shot

Voting Center, 23.10.2009 at 12:07h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 116 pro- and 59 contra-votes. Congratulations, - Fons - :-)

Canan Oner , 23.10.2009 at 12:07h

This is one of the most beautiful, heart warming compositions I've ever seen...Superb capture of the baby & mum with amazing sharpness and colors...
Good luck Fons and happy voting to all...

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vasilis valakis, 23.10.2009 at 12:07h


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aline64, 23.10.2009 at 12:07h


mike snead, 23.10.2009 at 12:07h


Pozer Katalin, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h

Incredible!!!!!! Just like Canan wrote. PRO!!!!!!!

cosmosgirl, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h

*** P R O ***

. just th model

Michael Grotkamp, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Lady Edel, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


lolita cecilia, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h

PRO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

r o l f WENGENroth, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h

pro +

ACAKO, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Fons van Swaal, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h

Thanks Canan for proposing this image, it's very much appreciated.....;-))
Best regards,

Marc Maiworm, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Mark Billiau., 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Jan Van Der Hooft, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Reinhard Block, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Kaith Kakavouli, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Karl Dichtler, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


vittorio L, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


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bayerlein ute, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


J e n n i f e r E., 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Norbert°, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Denis Heirendt, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Alfredo Mazzoni, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Deryck, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


M.W. Schiller, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Takis.K, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Franzi48, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Pierrot le petit Belge, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Alexandru Valentin Iedu, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h

Pro :))) lovely

Sabine Suess, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Schnuckenhexe, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Leo_nid, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Gisa S., 23.10.2009 at 12:08h!

--Opal--, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Marko Cepa, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Alfredo Yanez, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


dieterDIETRICH, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


bombamo Michèle, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Claire Laira, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


adriana lissandrini, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Gasser Lisbeth, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Thomas Djadjo, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Paulo Pereira, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


- Edith Vogel, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Johann Dittmann, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


willy ombret, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Die Mohnblumen, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Pascal Viyer, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


lemmi65, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


leonorakarr, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Adele Oliver, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Claudio Micheli, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Jürgen Cron, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


MattSee, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Falko Follert FF77, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


roberto manicardi, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Jean-Bernard, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Luca Ciardiello, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Roberto L., 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Stefano Todde, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Christa Regina, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Ralph Bache, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Jörg Klüber, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Hans-Reiner Bohn, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Inez Correia Marques, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Maria Luisa Runti, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Anca Silvia B., 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Luigi Scorsino, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Uwe Vollmann, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Guglielmo Rispoli, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Ingo Höppner, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Nena, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Sabine Sirey, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Hartmut Wohlfarth, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


brithiebird, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Didi K., 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Dolores M., 23.10.2009 at 12:09h

PRO +++++++++++

Federico Cirillo, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h

+ + + + + + + + +
+ + + PRO + + +
+ + + + + + + + +

Black Pearl Design, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


biagio donati, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


D Wen, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Peter Kahle, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


n o r B Ä R t, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h

P R O *

Arnd U. B., 23.10.2009 at 12:09h



Inez Correia Marques, 23.10.2009 at 15:00h

Bravo Fons

Canan Oner, 23.10.2009 at 16:36h

Congratulations Fons !!! I am so happy to see the sweet Mum & Baby in the gallery..
Have a nice weekend,

sudha pillai, 29.10.2009 at 4:32h

Fantastic photograph -the composition, colors, sharpness and the emotion -all in perfect harmony. Very well done.

Jutta Ploessner, 2.11.2009 at 20:21h

This is an incredibly endearing picture -- too sweet! Excellent shot, top quality!
Best wishes,
Jutta from Edgewood, British Columbia

deegerrish, 12.11.2009 at 23:12h

This is a fantastic photo! Love it!

Allan Thompson, 1.12.2009 at 14:52h

One picture worth a million words!

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