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Mother Duck and Duckling by Fons van Swaal

Mother Duck and Duckling


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3.10.2009 at 19:40h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
_____THANKS a lot for all the recent comments_____

**** Thank you very much Canan or proposing this image*****
My Beautiful Hometown... by Canan Oner
My Beautiful Hometown...
11.10.09, 5:32


Mark Billiau., 3.10.2009 at 19:55h

Lovely portrait of mother and child.
Excellent low pov.
Beautiful shot Fons, but another 6 months to go before we can see a scene like this again.


Bergjäger, 3.10.2009 at 19:59h

Super süss!!!!

LG Bergjäger

- Edith Vogel, 3.10.2009 at 20:10h

das ist ja süß,
absolut klasse Aufnahme,

Jörg Klüber, 3.10.2009 at 20:17h

Very well captured!
LG Jörg

Ina Kotterman, 3.10.2009 at 21:03h

Fons, a wonderfull portrait of mother and child. Very good sharpness and beautifull light.
Gr. Ko

nasim, 3.10.2009 at 21:12h

Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful image!!
I like it so much too!!
It seems they are(mother and her chick) are so happy that you take a photo of them!!!!!

Best regards,

Natalja Dralova, 3.10.2009 at 21:14h

this is terrific! Great capture!

Pippilotta09, 3.10.2009 at 21:14h

Showing us some treasures you still have on HD?
Beautiful image, perfect sharpness, very well done my friend ;-)))
Viele liebe Grüße

katy taylor, 3.10.2009 at 21:15h

ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how cute how cute how cute... what a lovely image of mummy duck with junior duck...

have a great weekend fons!

Ilidio Fernandes, 3.10.2009 at 22:09h

Wonderful , very nice capture.

Canan Oner, 3.10.2009 at 22:58h

This is one of the most beautiful, heart warming compositions I've ever seen...Superb capture of the baby & mum with amazing sharpness and colors...
If no one proposes it to the gallery before me, I will for sure when my time is up :-)))))

Angelika El., 4.10.2009 at 0:08h

Sie sehen beide allerliebst aus - eng drückt sich das Kücken an die Entenmutter. Diese hat einen solch schönen, treuen Blick - eine herrlich anrührende Szene!!! Tolle Aufnahme...


Adele Oliver, 4.10.2009 at 2:53h

Yes, it's a wonderful shot of mother and baby ... and such sharpness and fine natural colours!
cheers, Adele

s. sabine krause, 4.10.2009 at 9:14h

beautiful shot, fons! the mom looks well-fed and happy! i guess, they all do – it's the shape of their bill, that cute beaky "smile" all ducks give us… and the little one with the dark streak around his eyes – very cute. can even spot some of his siblings, still hiding in mommy's warm feathers ; ))… greetings, sabine.

bayerlein ute, 4.10.2009 at 10:09h

klasse fons! glg ute

Susanne47, 4.10.2009 at 10:18h

So süss, deine Mutter-Kind Aufnahme, bin begeistert, da ich Enten besonders gerne mag. S u p e r ! Grüessli Susanne

Michael Grotkamp, 4.10.2009 at 11:55h

heartbreaker. wahnsinnig schön. magna cum laude.

Jutta Grote, 4.10.2009 at 12:01h

Niedlich diese beiden, aber auch von dir bestens fotografiert.
LG Jutta

Judith Lay-Golly, 4.10.2009 at 12:39h

Oh, very sweet. Great.

Analoga, 4.10.2009 at 13:54h

Sehr schön mit dem kleinen Kücken.
LG Ivonne

Sally Dunn, 4.10.2009 at 17:59h

They look gorgeous together! What a little cutey, all fluffy and new!

Heinz Janovsky, 4.10.2009 at 18:54h

Entzückendes Foto von Mutter und Kind. Sehr schön.
Gruß Heinz

Kaith Kakavouli, 5.10.2009 at 12:54h toys...... !!!!!!!!!!

Tonny v Bree, 5.10.2009 at 22:48h

The mother is looking so very proud with her lovely child....Greaaat one Fons
Gr Tonny

Jean-Bernard, 6.10.2009 at 0:53h

So sweet ...
really wonderful , Fons !


Linda Herbert, 8.10.2009 at 3:21h

Another great photo! Love the baby beside the mother...very nice Fons.. ~Linda

Eli Marinova, 17.10.2009 at 23:29h


Majid mehraban, 22.10.2009 at 20:53h

lovely cute duck,great shot

Voting Center, 23.10.2009 at 12:07h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 116 pro- and 59 contra-votes. Congratulations, - Fons - :-)

Canan Oner , 23.10.2009 at 12:07h

This is one of the most beautiful, heart warming compositions I've ever seen...Superb capture of the baby & mum with amazing sharpness and colors...
Good luck Fons and happy voting to all...

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vasilis valakis, 23.10.2009 at 12:07h


Ayse Nalan Yasin, 23.10.2009 at 12:07h


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aline64, 23.10.2009 at 12:07h


mike snead, 23.10.2009 at 12:07h


Pozer Katalin, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h

Incredible!!!!!! Just like Canan wrote. PRO!!!!!!!

cosmosgirl, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h

*** P R O ***

. just th model

Michael Grotkamp, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Lady Edel, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


lolita cecilia, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h

PRO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

r o l f WENGENroth, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h

pro +

ACAKO, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Fons van Swaal, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h

Thanks Canan for proposing this image, it's very much appreciated.....;-))
Best regards,

Marc Maiworm, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Mark Billiau., 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Jan Van Der Hooft, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Reinhard Block, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Kaith Kakavouli, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Karl Dichtler, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


vittorio L, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


JURAFR, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Elisabeth Photography, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


bayerlein ute, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


J e n n i f e r E., 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Norbert°, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Denis Heirendt, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Alfredo Mazzoni, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Deryck, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


M.W. Schiller, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Takis.K, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Franzi48, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Pierrot le petit Belge, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Alexandru Valentin Iedu, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h

Pro :))) lovely

Sabine Suess, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Schnuckenhexe, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Leo_nid, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Gisa S., 23.10.2009 at 12:08h!

--Opal--, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Marko Cepa, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Alfredo Yanez, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


dieterDIETRICH, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


bombamo Michèle, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Claire Laira, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


adriana lissandrini, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Gasser Lisbeth, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Thomas Djadjo, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Paulo Pereira, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


- Edith Vogel, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Johann Dittmann, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


willy ombret, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Die Mohnblumen, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Pascal Viyer, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


lemmi65, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


leonorakarr, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Adele Oliver, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Claudio Micheli, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


Jürgen Cron, 23.10.2009 at 12:08h


MattSee, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Falko Follert FF77, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


roberto manicardi, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Jean-Bernard, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Luca Ciardiello, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Roberto L., 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Stefano Todde, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Christa Regina, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Ralph Bache, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Jörg Klüber, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Hans-Reiner Bohn, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Inez Correia Marques, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Maria Luisa Runti, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Anca Silvia B., 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Luigi Scorsino, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Uwe Vollmann, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Guglielmo Rispoli, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Ingo Höppner, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Nena, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Sabine Sirey, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Hartmut Wohlfarth, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


brithiebird, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Didi K., 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Dolores M., 23.10.2009 at 12:09h

PRO +++++++++++

Federico Cirillo, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h

+ + + + + + + + +
+ + + PRO + + +
+ + + + + + + + +

Black Pearl Design, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


biagio donati, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


D Wen, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


Peter Kahle, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h


n o r B Ä R t, 23.10.2009 at 12:09h

P R O *

Arnd U. B., 23.10.2009 at 12:09h



Inez Correia Marques, 23.10.2009 at 15:00h

Bravo Fons

Canan Oner, 23.10.2009 at 16:36h

Congratulations Fons !!! I am so happy to see the sweet Mum & Baby in the gallery..
Have a nice weekend,

sudha pillai, 29.10.2009 at 4:32h

Fantastic photograph -the composition, colors, sharpness and the emotion -all in perfect harmony. Very well done.

Jutta Ploessner, 2.11.2009 at 20:21h

This is an incredibly endearing picture -- too sweet! Excellent shot, top quality!
Best wishes,
Jutta from Edgewood, British Columbia

deegerrish, 12.11.2009 at 23:12h

This is a fantastic photo! Love it!

Allan Thompson, 1.12.2009 at 14:52h

One picture worth a million words!

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