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Optima - XI by neurosynthetic

Optima - XI


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24.04.2007 at 1:20h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
i regard this work 'prefabricated', relies more on aesthetics than the a feasible idea. for me, this was visually satisfying the emotively speaking, empty. though its not 'urban decay' in solid definition, it has various elements of decay blending in with (and equally standing in contrast with) the body which can scarcely be distinguished.


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Dennis Maloney, 24.04.2007 at 3:08h

Well composed image...nice B&W image...greetings, den

Jim McKinniss, 24.04.2007 at 3:56h

Well, I like this image very much.

I think the deep shadows play well against the walls in the background. There is an air of mystery here and having her head turned from the viewer adds to that.


Terry Dye , 24.04.2007 at 9:03h

I like what you've done with the available light here. The soft focus leads to a light dream atmosphere. Good job.

felidae., 24.04.2007 at 9:51h

I like it very much, b/w is fine....great contrast......and the atmosphere is wonderful...

regards, Grit

Janis Starasts , 24.04.2007 at 15:08h

Respect!I like that feeling in picture....

Ramunas Siugzda , 24.04.2007 at 23:05h

A young model, an old house, B&W shot, high contrast...
Well, I like it and very much. The mood of this shot is inexpressible, apparently it depends on the viewers mood, otherwise to say: The photographer left that for the viewer to decide or to create this image mood...
Great job!


Klaus Freilinger, 25.04.2007 at 20:26h

Very well made, ****TOP… Klaus

Diana Rybakova, 30.04.2007 at 8:58h

b/w, atmosphere such cool

Sarah D. Kiefer , 30.04.2007 at 23:54h

again, very cool. wish you didn't explain it though. that's ok don't usu read that anyway. another image that's full of interpretations. solid comp. you're very skilled at removing limbs and other extremities...cuts it down to all we need. great.

Voting Center, 18.05.2007 at 16:55h

This photo was proposed for the gallery, as the voting ended with 39 pro und 61 contra votes. Maybe next time you will be more successful;-)

neurosynthetic , 18.05.2007 at 16:55h

My attempt to portray humans without visible features.

Maguire , 18.05.2007 at 16:55h

fantastic.... pro

Sarah D. Kiefer , 18.05.2007 at 16:56h

it's a good one!! pro definitely

Vesela Maleeva, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


felidae., 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Angéla Vicedomini, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Frank Cecconi, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Inez Soares, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h

yes. well done. PRO

Massimo Carolla, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Michael Henderson, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Alexandra Baltog, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h

great picture... very refined ...

Tom McAlexander , 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Kai Sehlke, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Juergen M., 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Claire Laira, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Der Brownz - Peter Braunschmid, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Robert Riley, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h

There is a contradiction here. Portraying humans without visible features? ...blending in with... the body which can scarcely be distinguished?

Well in that context is does not work for me. The body is very distinguished, and there are many 'visible features' here, too many to name.

Nice shot, but not Gallery.

neurosynthetic , 18.05.2007 at 16:56h

I'd prefer to jot down a single sentence, the name and let the viewer fill in the blanks. comparing to a kids portrait in the kindergarten, this portrait is not about the person. id get a dozen models with similar physical features, there is no way to tell which model is the one in this picture. thats what I meant. being a newbie to the group, sure I'll stick to my style once I get more recognition, after coming across so many people concerned with names and descriptions.

Siegfried F , 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Claude Coeudevez, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Nicole Zuber, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Celal Tayar, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Rob Mitchell, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h

nice shot, trying too hard to justify it though. No need really, a photo should replace all words.
I like it a lot, but it's not in my gallery.

Abdul Khaliq, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Rolf Wengenroth, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Swenja Böttcher, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h

It's a good one, but for me there is too much background. The view is irretated by that.

Klaus der Sandmann, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Andy Pomplun, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Jaime Crystal Attenborough , 18.05.2007 at 16:56h

what a great photo.
wonderful atmosphere and texture, love the shadows also

Dragomir Vukovic, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Onkel Achim, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h


Paul Grimshaw, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h

Nice shot with an interesting feel about it ... I have to aggree with Rob Miitchell in saying that an image should need llittle or no explanation if it has done its job .. Regards, Paul.

Patrick Parenteau, 18.05.2007 at 16:56h

A soft oriental feel to this image. Well done. Pro


Yadran Saavedra, 20.10.2007 at 2:58h

a unique touch.

Daniel Avasilichioaei, 21.10.2007 at 13:19h


Andrej Nagode, 21.10.2007 at 19:12h

Fantastic work! Congratulations!
BestWishes - Andrejc

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