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~ Apostles ~ by Radim Spitzer

~ Apostles ~ 


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21.06.2006 at 12:35h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
The Twelve Apostles are one of Victoria's and Australia's most popular landmark attractions.
It is debatable as to how many Apostles there really are. Although only 9 exist above the water there is reminance of another 4 to 6 apostles, underwater.
In the front of this picture you can actually see one of the Apostles which crashed down recently.


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Yasser Metwally, 21.06.2006 at 12:39h

STUNNING .. GREAT PICTUER..excellent light, and great depth of field ... perfect one
regards from egypt

Peter Mertz, 21.06.2006 at 13:09h

Ok Radim, as I don't know what I should further write and therefore I stop writing and just enjoy it..........

Theo Weijmer, 21.06.2006 at 13:17h

Wow, very nice, light, colors, composition it's all there.
Greetings Theo

Valfoto, 21.06.2006 at 14:16h

Wonderful place ...............good one too

Dennis Veldman, 21.06.2006 at 16:03h

RADIM! You have to get me a ticket and invite me! (or in reverse order haha) beautiful!
What a view, you are a lucky dude, dude :D

Cees Kuijs, 21.06.2006 at 16:15h

What an amazing view !! Excellent performance, Radim. What a colors, brilliant.
Greetings, Cees

Martin Herdicky, 21.06.2006 at 17:04h

Amazing view!!! Well captured and composed as usual!


PINDORIUS, 21.06.2006 at 20:16h

beautiful colors and light (again)

Michael Z, 22.06.2006 at 0:01h


John Moore, 22.06.2006 at 7:17h

G/day mate, how are you going?
I can see from your pictures that you are enjoying your stay in Oz.
Love your photo of The Twelve Apostles.
Great work, with feeling.
Best wishes.


Katerina Zumrová, 22.06.2006 at 14:09h

zdravicko...ted sem tady nejakou dobu nebyla - mas
obe fotecky moc pekny ;-) ostatne jako vzdy...
zatim se mej
Katka :-)

Véronique Soulier, 23.06.2006 at 9:15h

nice cliffs in sunset lights.. and thanks for explanations, nice way to discover your far country.. see you Véronique

Jacky Kobelt, 24.06.2006 at 0:11h

just amazing !

brilliant performance



Sergio Pessolano, 25.06.2006 at 16:51h

Stunning work.

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, 27.06.2006 at 9:44h

you have always been one of my fav photographers, that show the pure and perfect land of australia, i wish i could travel and get these sorts of pics.
again stunning work Radim

Dominique Duriot, 12.07.2006 at 12:26h

Amazing lighting..lovely place..
I will propose for gallery...sure

Congrats for your good work!!

Voting Center, 14.07.2006 at 12:52h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 47 pro- and 12 contra-votes. Congratulations, Radim Spitzer :-)

Dominique Duriot, 14.07.2006 at 12:52h

I love it...and you??

Peter Mertz, 14.07.2006 at 12:52h

yes I do

Valfoto, 14.07.2006 at 12:52h


Costantinos Milonas, 14.07.2006 at 12:52h

Pro !!!

Klaus der Sandmann, 14.07.2006 at 12:52h


Frank Cecconi, 14.07.2006 at 12:52h

Yeah, again, Radim, you have a unique ability to squeeze something extra special out of a common theme or pic ... what's your secret, eh?? ;-)

Eddie Maguire, 14.07.2006 at 12:52h


Theo Weijmer, 14.07.2006 at 12:52h


Peter Kis kalóz, 14.07.2006 at 12:52h


Celal Tayar, 14.07.2006 at 12:52h

radim-style in my eye ;-))
pro hooo

Aniko Mocher, 14.07.2006 at 12:52h


Claude Coeudevez, 14.07.2006 at 12:52h

Yes, super PRO

Anastasya Ivanova, 14.07.2006 at 12:52h


Patrick Parenteau, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h

One of the most photographed places on earth, but seldomly done as beautifully as Radim's shot. Pro

Matthias Moritz, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h


Rolf Wengenroth, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h

absolutes proooooooo

Ivano Cheli, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h


don ricchilino, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h


Kathryn Dixon, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h

beutifully shot - I like the contrasts and shadows...

Was 93, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h


Falko Seegel, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h

sunset magic power !

Daniel Avasilichioaei, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h


Véronique Soulier, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h

pro !

Darinka Mladenovic, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h

Beautiful PRO

Daniela Friedrich, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h


Massimo Carolla, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h


Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h

Pro !

Christian Knospe, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h


Abdul Khaliq, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h


Anderl Rodoschegg, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h


Marie Strydom, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h

Brilliant composition. The DOF here is really outstanding and it is complimented by super natural lighitng. Pro

Robert Riley, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h


Andreas. H., 14.07.2006 at 12:53h


Jacky Kobelt, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h


Jacqueline Chay, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h

well captured Pro

Jutta Washington, 14.07.2006 at 12:53h



Claude Coeudevez, 14.07.2006 at 12:59h

congrat. radim
regards, claude

Stefanos Lampridis, 14.07.2006 at 13:22h

Really beautifull seascape, love the colors, makes you want to go there...

Radim Spitzer, 14.07.2006 at 14:30h

Many thanks to all of you guys for your time and voting for this picture!
Its well appreciated!
Cheers, R.

Paul Grimshaw, 14.07.2006 at 16:05h

Hi Radim, many congratulations on the Gallery and for sharing this beautiful scene .. you indeed are a very lucky man to have been there .. Regards, Paul.

Jacky Kobelt, 15.07.2006 at 15:37h



Edgaras Biliunas, 17.07.2006 at 14:57h

nice colours


D. Ynoche, 18.07.2006 at 17:55h

I do not look often into the voting... anyway: congratulations for this overwhelming photo now in the gallery

Andrea Grosso, 21.07.2006 at 13:15h

Diciamo che colpisce più il posto che la foto in se stessa.

Black&WhiteProject026 by Andrea Grosso
21.7.06, 10:37

Matthias Endriß, 8.08.2006 at 12:59h

Great Shot, Radim! For me this pic is like viewing into paradize!
Greets Matthias

Alin Neamtu, 17.10.2006 at 10:29h

very clean picture. excellent. regards. alin

Kombizz Kashani, 7.12.2006 at 18:38h

wonderful lighting and very nicely captured

JP BARTH, 31.03.2007 at 18:14h

superbe paysage et couleurs.

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