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the blue .... by Geoff Ashton

the blue .... 


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26.01.2008 at 21:49h
, License: All pictures © by the senders.
.... moment

dri out of 6 fotos
taken in bad kreuznach

thankyou Massimo Carolla for proposing this


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Daren Borzynski, 26.01.2008 at 22:54h

The scene is excellent & the light is well captured.. but I just feel that it leans over a bit Geoff, or is it the buildings :)) ?
Looks like a wonderful bridge.


BRYAN CRUTE, 26.01.2008 at 23:00h

I felt the same as Daren, but if you look at the righthand buildings its perfect ?
well controlled lighting , a great scene with that sloping bridge :-)


Frank-M. Fischer, 26.01.2008 at 23:00h

Again you captured a great atmosphere!

Anna Kowalski, 26.01.2008 at 23:14h

Yes, it does look slightly crooked, but who cares. The mood compensates for it!!!

Dieter Geßler, 26.01.2008 at 23:38h

Feine Stimmung und Aufnahme, bestens
VG Dieter

Dennis Maloney, 27.01.2008 at 2:43h

Very nice image, love the sharp wishes, den

Fredrick Steven Adam , 27.01.2008 at 3:02h

Fabulous composition, lighting.. love it!

Anna Katarina , 27.01.2008 at 4:28h

Wooooooooooooooow..the light is the clarity of the night !
Best wishes Katarina

Abdul Khaliq, 27.01.2008 at 6:27h

Beautiful colors and excellent light management,
Nice work.

Véronique Soulier , 27.01.2008 at 8:22h

great ! byeVS

Rob Nagelhout , 27.01.2008 at 8:41h

Hi Geoff, it looks like a beautiful dream. Very well captured with fantastic lights

Marco Pagel, 27.01.2008 at 9:12h

Good work, Geoff!


Vera Böhm, 27.01.2008 at 11:48h

Das ist ein sehr gelungenes und stimmungsvolles DRI, lieber Geoff!

Well done, dear Geoff! This is a great work in a wonderful light.
Regards, Vera

Alison Wiseman, 27.01.2008 at 11:51h

great scene, love the lights,

Canan Oner , 27.01.2008 at 13:46h

I don't have any word other than "PERFECT"

Theo Weijmer, 27.01.2008 at 16:14h

First thought was that it was tilted, but it isn't!!!
Excellent capture Geoff with great light control as always.
Greetings Theo

Uwe Thon, 27.01.2008 at 16:30h

good work!!!

Lawson McCulloch, 27.01.2008 at 16:41h

A lovely shot taken during the Blue Hour Geoff.
best wishes from Lawson.

Cees Kuijs, 27.01.2008 at 16:49h

Very well job during the blue hour !! Great with the optical illusion of the bridge!!
Greetings, Cees

Wendy de With, 27.01.2008 at 17:25h

Very nice atmosphere and lighting. Well captured!
Greetings, Wendy

Vera Böhm, 27.01.2008 at 18:37h

At first, I thought the same as Theo! ;-))
This is indeed an optical illusion,
that we think that there is anything wrong.

Massimo Carolla, 27.01.2008 at 18:44h

Perfect work, great light and reflection, adorable atmosphere, ciao Massimo

Matthias Moritz, 27.01.2008 at 19:56h

well done!

Robert Chapman-Firth , 27.01.2008 at 20:53h

Great detail, and love the lighting well seen and well taken.

Mikael Hörnlund, 28.01.2008 at 14:58h

also wonder about the leaning..hmm, great shot though..!


Lubos Vanek, 28.01.2008 at 21:08h

Perfect picture, scene and light. I felt the same - it is leaning, but I checked it - it is illusion (for ex. the pole of lamp on the left side is absolutly vertical). I like it. Greetings. Lubos
P.S. Now I am reading more comments and I see, that I am repeating, nevermind. Also this illusion is interesting :-))).

William Maix , 29.01.2008 at 4:34h

Love it!!

Luc Grollie, 31.01.2008 at 19:11h

the only way to know if it's level is to check the water at the foot of the bridge, it's level, so this is a great illusion.....
a beauty Geoff !!!!

Voting Center, 4.02.2008 at 19:39h

This photo has been selected for the gallery with 60 pro- and 57 contra-votes. Congratulations, Geoff Ashton :-)

Massimo Carolla, 4.02.2008 at 19:39h

Really beautiful image and reflections , good voting to all

BRYAN CRUTE, 4.02.2008 at 19:39h

Geoff does these night shots excellently, not over killing the image...Pro for me.

Leo_nid, 4.02.2008 at 19:39h


Rami Harcsztark (Eliezer Roman) SW , 4.02.2008 at 19:39h

An excellent night shot with very nice colors, I think that the pic is a bit tilted but you have my pro!

Fredrick Steven Adam , 4.02.2008 at 19:39h

Big Pro++++

Vera Böhm, 4.02.2008 at 19:39h

Well, first I thought the picture is tilting.
But after loading it in PS I saw, that all the verticals are straight.
It is a optical deception!

Pawel Majewski, 4.02.2008 at 19:39h


Micha Berger - Foto, 4.02.2008 at 19:39h


aw masry , 4.02.2008 at 19:40h

Excellent work !!

Canan Oner , 4.02.2008 at 19:40h

PRO !!!

Takis.K , 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Theo Weijmer, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Klaus Hofacker, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


M.W. Schiller, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Christiane Bäcker , 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Norbert Ruffert, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Ilidio Fernandes , 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Hans Pondorfer, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Micha Boland, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Mircea Tiron-Tudor, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Comy , 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Véronique Soulier , 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Robert Riley, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Rolf Wengenroth, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Andrea Se. , 4.02.2008 at 19:40h

A good night shot with balanced light.
But I'm not sure about the composition. For me the crop is too tight above the houses. I think the branches of the trees would have been a good framing on the top.

Thor Schulze, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Anca Silvia B., 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Thomas Rieger. , 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Stefan Seith von Benrath, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


DSK , 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Holger Findling , 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Francis Red , 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Dominique Duriot, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Carlo Capobianchi , 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Kedi , 4.02.2008 at 19:40h

:) Pro.........
Best wishes

regineheuser, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Oliver Suhr, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Tobias Helbig, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Giorgos Fidanas, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Lara G., 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Silvio T., 4.02.2008 at 19:40h

Ausgezeichnete Arbeit!

Anna Katarina , 4.02.2008 at 19:40h

Love the clarity, composition and the lights..and ofcoarse the scenery is magic ..Pro !

Tove Følid, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Tom McAlexander , 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Eric van Crombrugge, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Claire Laira, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Elisabeth U., 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Christiane B. - lichtspiele, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Pascal Viyer, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h


Luca di paola, 4.02.2008 at 19:40h



Geoff Ashton , 4.02.2008 at 19:42h

wow that was tight
thankyou everyone who voted
and especially to Massimo Carolla for his sugestion
bw geoff

BRYAN CRUTE, 4.02.2008 at 20:31h

Phew made it !
Congratulations Geoff !

Massimo Carolla, 4.02.2008 at 20:37h

Congratulations Geoff ;-) !!

Canan Oner , 4.02.2008 at 22:35h

Congratulations Geoff !!!!!

Rami Harcsztark (Eliezer Roman) SW , 5.02.2008 at 8:31h


Mr. Saguari, 5.02.2008 at 9:08h

Excellent !
Congratulations !
Sagi :-)

MAURICE CLEGG, 5.02.2008 at 21:13h

congrats geoff,
you deserve the plaudits for this image.
wonderful composition, colours and reflections.
regards, maurice.

Anna Kowalski, 7.02.2008 at 21:55h


dee da, 15.02.2008 at 20:07h

... a great atmosphere and wonderful light!

Laszlo (L.C.S.) , 10.03.2008 at 19:19h

Ein super Bild !!!!
Die Schärfe und die Lichter sind beeindruckend ;-)
Gefällt mir sehr gut :-))
By the way ....... vielen Dank für Deine Unterstützung im Voting .... Du warst gleich mehrere Male "fleissig"
Die Prager Burg (reloaded) by Laszlo (L.C.S.)
Die Prager Burg (reloaded) 
7.3.08, 22:49

LG aus Kassel

Sasha Becher, 5.07.2008 at 0:49h

I'd love to see this (and any other) DRI in 3D!
Strahlendes Blau 3D-HDR by Sascha Becher
Strahlendes Blau 3D-HDR
26.7.06, 10:22

Lazaros Limos, 19.04.2009 at 20:51h

Fabulous night shot!!

Fotos by Chris Bauer, 24.11.2011 at 23:19h

farben, schärfe und umsetzung sind perfekt !

Liebste Grüße

Rob Nagelhout, 26.08.2014 at 5:44h

Very beautiful dreamy scene out of a fairytale. Stunning result

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